Here's something to do that's interesting/scary.

Check to see how your state's doing on Infrastructure. Are the roads and bridges you drive over every day safe? How about your water system?

Joe Biden wants to spend billions of $$ on infrastructure, but McConnell and the GOP are against it. Investing in infrastructure does actually pay for itself and It's needed and overdue.

Tell your Senators to support Biden's infrastructure plan. Call 202-224-3121 and you'll be connected to both.

Unless you're willing to risk having your name on a monument to bridge collapse victims or be without clean water. I'm not.

ASCE’s 2021 American Infrastructure Report Card | GPA: C-

I bet a lot of people will be surprised to see that C-.

Infrastructure investment creates jobs. The Republicans trying to push an inadequate plan are trying to bring up deficit concerns that they never had when passing their tax scam, which definitely didn't pay for itself.

@TonyStark My town is run by Republicans and, magically, I guess, the roads they live on are fine while the rest of us drive on roads that haven't been improved since the 90's.

This country desperately needs infrastructure investment. It's an equality issue as much as it is a safety one.

That's a good point. Infrastructure investment will help the places that have been neglected the most and we all know who lives there.

I don't want to be holding bridges and buildings together like this.

We need Biden's infrastructure plan.

@TonyStark Republicans point to actual infrastructure projects and call them “wasteful spending,” but had no problem pouring $2 trillion into the bank accounts of exceedingly wealthy Americans.

Besides that hypocrisy, the economic conditions we live in now are the perfect time to borrow and invest, not while the economy was strong like the former guy did. Infrastructure will create revenue and borrowing is low cost right now and is much easier to pay back. It's a long game and a smart game that Biden has.

The only reaction to any Republican pretending to care about the debt should be laughter. 

@TonyStark They freely admit they only care about debt and deficits when Democrats are in power. they have no credibility. @RJA

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