This analysis does a disservice to the readers.

Hours being set at 9 to 5 for early voting access isn't an expansion of hours. It does affect things like drop boxes.

The new law requires drop boxes to be in government offices instead of outside. In other words, you can access them between 9 and 5. People who work long or unusual hours will be out of luck.

As the New York Times explained in an earlier article, the four counties that make up metropolitan Atlanta had 94 drop boxes in the last election. In the next election, they will be limited to 23.

The mobile voting booths that were used in the 2020 election are now effectively banned. This would hurt those who have little or no access to transportation or work long hours.

I could go on. The new GA voter law targets urban, low income, and Black voters. I realize that Mr. Kessler is looking at two statements, but his article sells readers short and doesn't provide enough context. I award him 2 clowns. 🤡🤡

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