It is un-American. It's also anti-democratic.

DeSantis is afraid that he can't win the governor's race in Florida (and therefore, lose his shot at President, 2024) so he has to suppress the vote of the majority which he suspects will not vote for him.

Republicans are intent on voter suppression because they have no agenda for the people. They would have to run against reducing child poverty and helping middle American families and other popular Democratic policy, so they are resorting to whatever means possible, democracy be damned.

Not only do we need to pass federal voter protection laws but we also need to track down every creator and supporter of these anti-voting bills and run and support candidates to remove every one from office.

Florida gov signs GOP voting law critics call 'un-American'-

DeSantis has said new restrictions are needed to shore up election security which isn't a problem and already exists. This is voter suppression.

This is their lie, which they repeat over and over again to justify their voter suppression. They make it sound as though there are no laws, nothing is being enforced and everyone is registering as Donald Duck and Mary Poppins in order to vote 20 times. It's ridiculous. They know they are losing and determined to change the rules in order to keep power. It won't work.

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