World Bicycle Day is celebrated on June 3rd every year. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about the health and environmental benefits of cycling.

Why this day is celebrated :-

* Increased bicycle use means lower greenhouse gas emissions: Cycling contributes to mitigation of carbon dioxide emissions as it possesses an intrinsic zero-emissions value. Cycling reduces air pollutants and reduces noise pollution and traffic congestion.

* Cycling can lead to a healthier life both in fitness and reduced stress.

* Cycling saves money: Bikes are less expensive to buy, are free to ride, and are less expensive to maintain than cars.

* Environmental awareness: To raise awareness about the local environment and sustainable consumption and production.

🌱🚲 I urge those who love to and can to

Happy World Bicycle Day!

@TonyStark I'd never heard of !

That's great. And here's a picture of our Secretary of Transportation on a bike!


Happy World Bicycle Day!

I have been looking to purchase an E Bike to get around town!


Thanks Tony! Top Speed 29mph 40 miles to a charge! Great for errands!

@TonyStark It rained all day here, no new pictures from me. But here's an old one: (From Campobello Island) #bike #mastobikes #worldbicycleday2021

@murph @TonyStark
It rained here today too, bummer, I didn't know it was bicycle day! But I did take my bike for the commute yesterday. In the summer I use it as much as possible, but I avoid rainy days. Maybe I need to get proper attire for rainy weather. My bike has fenders which is a big help in not getting dirty.

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