The USA has sorted into people who share our values. If you're moving to a new place rather than living in the community where you've lived for a while and you choose a Democratic bubble, it's probably because you want to be able to walk to coffee shops, restaurants, and stores.

Being able to walk to convenient public transportation to get downtown was a top criterion for me. It's not a small thing either that I can walk to meet a friend for coffee or to pick up the book I ordered at the independent bookstore. And yes, most of my neighbors are Democrats.


For example, my area is also thought of as a Democratic bubble. The government in the area believes in investing in things like roads and sidewalks and schools through taxes. We have a variety of things you can do either car-free or with public transportation. The local government cares about things like the environment and clean water.

A county over, a town of a decent size has a downtown full of crumbling sidewalks, almost no public transportation, unwalkable and almost undriveable roads (especially in bad weather), and schools that don't rank well. It's not diverse. But they have a low tax rate.

It makes more sense to live where people who believe in the same things I do are.

It's definitely not the worst thing in the world to be in the part of a state that has the highest vaccination rate in the state. I'll be in that bubble.

@Nebula Let's hear it for vaccination rates in our bubbles, and raise the rates in the rest of the country and world! @TonyStark

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