Nina has a history of being a bomb thrower, not a bridge builder. And after the last 5 years, it seems more people are interested in getting things done rather than cannibalistic outrage. Good job, voters. 

Shontel Brown, who stuck close to Biden, wins Democratic primary for House seat in Ohio, AP projects:

@TonyStark That sh$t sandwich comment might not have been a great idea for people who want to win a Dem primary.

Congrats to Ms Brown! Looking forward to helping for her to take the seat!

@TonyStark This was billed as progressives versus traditional Democrats. I don't live in Ohio but that's not how I saw it. I saw it as someone who wants to supports the Biden administration vs. someone who loudly told everyone she wouldn't vote for the ticket that was unseating the one that encouraged January 6th; the one that included our historic first Black, Asian, and female vice president; the one that supports helping people.

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