If you can, please support one of these abortion funds, which help people afford care and also related expenses like childcare and travel. Funds in Texas will now need to budget for lawsuit defense as well as for helping more people travel longer distances, while funds in other states will need to step in to backstop them. Here are ways to help:

Donate to specific Texas funds:

Texas Equal Access Fund-

Clinic Access Support Network-

Fund Texas Choice-

The Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity-

The Bridge Collective-

Jane's Due Process-

Buckle Bunnies-

SYS (Support Your Sistah)-

Frontera Fund-

The West Fund-

Or split a single donation among 10 Texas funds at:

@TonyStark You're welcome! Some of my friends are Aunties in New Jersey, making offers for anyone from Texas who needs help to come visit them. (Playing off the bad old days where a girl would go off to "visit relatives" when she needed to leave town for an abortion, but trying to make sure the networks are in place.) We do NOT need to go back to the Bad old Days!!!


This list is worth bookmarking.

And then, continually sharing on other social media (for as much, or little, as that gets the word out). Even if it can help only one person out there, that's worth it.

Thank you for your work and effort.

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