To those complaining about vaccine mandates:

It isn’t mandating the vaccine by force. It's still your decision. If you're not vaccinated, you just need to get weekly testing. Sounds pretty common sense. Get a nose wipe a few times a week to make sure you won’t be killing others including your family. Of course, it's easier and safer to just get the shot.

This is how we keep schools, colleges and businesses open, folks. Get vaccinated. Wear masks where people can't be vaccinated. The schools and businesses shutting down are the ones that aren't doing it.

If you still don't want it, you still have an option. That option is to stay home and not work anywhere that's mandating a safe, effective vaccine that saves lives, including your own.

You don’t have to get a vaccine. You have your "freedom" to lose your job and your ability to go anywhere and see how much you make looking at QAnon accounts on the internet all day.

Somehow, I think the Venn diagram of people who want to have their vaccination choice and are also okay with the new uber-restrictive Texas anti-abortion law would just be ⭕️.

@TonyStark A lot of things in society are mandated, if they haven’t noticed. If you can’t pass a test and provide the necessary documents that prove that you can drive a car, you don’t get to drive. Employers and public places and institutions are 100% free to establish what they want.

The one school in my area that didn’t mandate masks had 140 cases in a week and had to close. Every school with a mandate is open.

So sad to see so many self absorbed and selfish people who don't give a damn for the sufferings of their neighbors and health care workers. It can't be seen as anything else.


She doesn't want a vaccine because she's trying to get pregnant? That makes no sense at all. Pregnancy makes someone more vulnerable, not less. It's all ideology at this point.


@MariaHill @Pepper @TonyStark I have a cousin who thought it would make her infernal. She got the shot after she found out I got mine while nursing a baby.

Which I’m glad, but it didn’t need to be that way.

@MariaHill @Pepper @TonyStark

Too many have learned that lesson the hard way.

Mississippi health officials plea for vaccination after 'significant' number of COVID-19 fatalities in pregnant women.
The eight women who recently died were unvaccinated, health officials said.

Unfortunately, vaccination seems unable to reduce significantly transmission.
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