Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

I'm very thankful for my friends here in the Fediverse, especially everyone here in the community who shows up and makes it so special.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing contributions.

Thanks to our friends in other communities who are so kind.

It's appreciated.

@TonyStark Happy thanksgiving mate! ❤️ I do celebrate it now, online with you all :cat_hug_triangle:

Hi. Stux!

Very cool! I'm thankful to have met you. I hope you have a great day and thanks for all your help!


I am also so very thankful for that :blobcathearts::cat_hug_triangle:​ Always very welcome my friend and same goes for you ofc! ❤️

Have a wonderful day!

I'm very thankful for our community! Happy Thanksgiving!

@TonyStark Thanks, everyone, at! Happy Thanksgiving!

@TonyStark Happy Thanksgiving to the Avengers and to all SSR Field Offices! A great place to be a activist.

@TonyStark I'm thankful for the friends I met first on the other site who came with us here, and the new ones here too, who helped us all to get through TFG administration and are still fighting to keep our democracy. I enjoy all of your company too!

@TonyStark thank you for making both this and the resistance before! It was an opportunity!

Happy Thanksgiving to my excellent friends!

@TonyStark A happy Thanksgiving to this fine group! Thank you for welcoming me from place to place!

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