Good on Australia's immigration minister, Alex Hawke.

Djokovic is emblematic of a problem that is undermining what’s left of decent civilization: many supposedly responsible adults believe unfreedom—the unfreedom of ignorance, immediate gratification, and emotional impulsivity—is freedom.

Freedom is exhibited when competent adults act intentionally, independently of manipulation or coercion and with a substantial understanding of the likely consequences of their actions.

Freedom is inseparable from moral responsibility.

However, if this guy and others do not value scientists, I suggest they live without the great creations that have come from these educated people. 


Use the internet.

Use a smartphone.

Use a computer.

Fly in a plane.

Seek medical help when needed.

I'll stop here. The list would go on for a long while.

Novak Djokovic Visa Canceled in Australia:

Another covidiot.

This is also about fairness. People in Australia and other sports players follow the rules. Just because of who he is, he shouldn't get to set his own. Stick to tennis.

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