'It is important to keep the filibuster in place because nothing says “listening” like “I will stop all legislation by talking.”'

At least Alexandra Petri can give us some good satire.

Sinema keeps saying the filibuster promotes compromise. In the hands of a party that wants to obstruct, it does the opposite.

If everyone blocks legislation from even being debated, no one has to explain a no vote. If the filibuster were to end, some Republicans would have to decide whether they really wanted to explain voting against this or that piece of legislation, especially if Democrats did, in fact, make it reasonable enough to attract some Republicans. The filibuster prevents that dynamic with something to hide behind.

I've been listening to the Republicans for more than 40 years. I'm done.

Opinion | Kyrsten Sinema wants to know whether you’ve tried listening:

@TonyStark Mitch McConnell got rid of a filibuster to give us the SCOTUS we have today that just decided OSHA can't regulate worker safety anymore.

We can't hear her over the sound of her outfits. She can't hear us over the coins clinking from lobbyists.

When your house is on fire, you don't listen to the crackling of the flames; you call the fire department and grab a fire extinguisher.
Sinema is too busy looking for marshmallows.

Sinema needs to listen to herself of a few years back who said the 60 vote threshold was wrong.

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