Musk is a loose canon with a history of misusing Twitter to the advantage of his (Tesla’s) stock prices.

His stated purpose for ownership is to ensure “free speech." Musk’s version of free speech apparently includes the manipulation of stock prices. What other public opinions might he manipulate by owning the controlling share of Twitter?

Same guy who fired his own employee for voicing his true opinion on a Tesla car review? Yeah, he’s really in favor of free speech, alright. This is not a good thing. His idea of free speech is probably not about our free speech.

The irony is that he's joining because of "free speech" concerns when he's going to use his position to try to suppress criticism of him. Just more reasons to stay off of it, which I'm glad I am.

Of Course Elon Musk Wanted Twitter-

@TonyStark It should be otherwise noted, he only got a bug up his ass about running his own social media platform when he got dinged for blatant transphobia. He attacked Chelsea Manning because she was dating Grimes after she dumped Elon.

For real he spent a billion dollars so he could break the twitter community guidelines with impunity. The rest of the trans community is terrified he's going to make twitter unusable for us.

I wouldn't doubt that he'd like to make it unusable for everyone but people who agree with him and him, alone, with no regard to human rights or decent behavior. His record on such things is plainly gross.

Another dubious cult-like figure attempting to manipulate the masses.

@TonyStark @graygoogirl let's not downplay the real threat of Elon's transphobia by making blanket statements about Twitter being "unusable for all"
Sort of a "all lives matter" argument. Im sure we all understand why that's a poor position to take. 👍👍☺️

If you read the actual toot, which I highly recommend people do before responding, it says "unusable for all but..." and more things.

Peace out.

@TechnoAnarchist @graygoogirl
Actually is even says "everyone but" and not "all," to be really specific.

@TonyStark @graygoogirl
You're right. The comment rubbed me the wrong way when someone was speaking up about elons transphobia and your reply didn't specifically address it.
Not a big deal. My b

@graygoogirl @TonyStark Pretty much. To put it simply, an actual incel is on the board with his 9%; and people out west haven't taken note that the current CEO is possibly an Indian fascist proxy. That regime's plans around social networks would make most people shit themselves. If they could see it, that is.

@TonyStark The fact that someone can buy their way onto the board exposes what's wrong with twitter.

It's not the people in charge, it's the fact that there are people in charge.

@TonyStark True, he ain't the bright superstar, which defends free speech. I have serious doubts about this.

@TonyStark Also, wasn't he publicly negging Twitter and considering encouraging his huge following onto another platform, days before buying in? That smacks awfully of stock price manipulation to me..

@TonyStark Call me paranoid but the day he got his paws on Twitter, I ( and I imagine many others) was unceremoniously kicked off. I think he probably keeps a list of people who are anti Elon and doesn’t want us around

Wouldn't doubt it, taking my own experiences into account.

@TonyStark "Free speech" is just an excuse for Musk. He wants "free speech" for him and his sycophants, not for everybody.

@TonyStark Also, the ideal of "free speech absolutism" doesn't work, it helps extremists to thrive. Look no further than what happened with Voat, Gab and Poal.

@TonyStark @Rynach Musk is an egomaniac. Anything he does is for his own profit and glorification.


He has enough money to stand up a new site on his own within a month or two.

So it is not really Twitter, but the audience he is after. If we all leave and come here, he would have wasted his pocket change.

@SnerkRabbledauber @TonyStark
Mastodon has definitely gotten attention now and it's trending today on Twitter, but "Mastadon" is not how "Mastodon" is spelled so I am not certain that all these new accounts will help raise the average Mastodon user IQ or the oppositie.

Remember the people on that site who would intentionally spell hashtags wrong?

Never mind, our birbs are superior to theirs.

@GreenFire @SnerkRabbledauber

@MariaHill @TonyStark @SnerkRabbledauber
Yes and I don't want to judge people on their spelling anyway really. Emotional intelligence is so much more important than spelling and grammar in a community.


I hope no one is judging my intelligence on my typos! That's a good reminder.

@TonyStark @SnerkRabbledauber

Hi Tony! Good to see you.

Unfortunately, he can buy every social media company on the planet with his personal checking account.

I think he needs to REALLY screw up somewhere in the ownership of this thing (like, Netflix-stupid... he prolly will with some Bitcoin or stock price fiasco). Then the Universe will hopefully repair itself.

Hey, Kevin! Is this Kevin, Kevin? Good to see you.

Yeah, I don't doubt he has the money. What he lacks is maturity and ethics. The whole edgelord thing is way over, not that it was ever interesting.

Hahaha, well good to see you.

Trump lost! I don't think I've seen you since before then.

Not here. I'm new.
But on twitter I nip at your heels constantly (-:

OH. Ha. I used to have a big Twitter account, but I don't use it anymore.

There was a Kevin on another instance that hung around us a lot in 2019, 2020.

Nice to meet you now, in that case.

@TonyStark Unfortunately Tony this is what I think about and Elon, too. Using on his advantage the twitter community is really bad for all of us.


Here's hoping his Tesla stock continues to tumble because he's basically taken on more than he can handle.
Only so many hours in the day, Elon! And no, you're not "The" Iron Man.

Time for Mastodon!
Time for the great migration!

I just want everyone to know that I doubled my offer from 20 to 40 bucks. Take it or leave it, Twitter.


"Screw it! We're leaving this shit!"
_caption to the flying geese gif.

And, we can call it 'Flight of the Effin Birds'!


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