I wish Elon Musk would stick to making unattractive electric cars and hurtling things into space instead of making so many pronouncements, many of them ugly, on all sorts of social and political things about which he knows little or nothing.

But that hasn't stopped anyone before.

Nothing disconcerting at all about another source of information being sold to an unstable billionaire. Nope, no way this can turn out bad. /s

@TonyStark All these people who think we need to hear more from them because they have more money.

@TonyStark The shitshow that Twitter is continues to dribble down hill.

@noobmaster69 @TonyStark is it OK to point people who look like they're Democratic aligned peole interested in US politics at your site on Twitter?

@TonyStark @noobmaster69

I have a dream someone will manage to get actual elected officials onto the fediverse.

I feel like California's "contact your state representative" is actually run by the parties and not the state.

I hope so. We have had a few candidates join the instance, but they haven't used their accounts much.

@TonyStark as they used to say on mythbusters, "what could possibly go wrong?"

And let's not forget the Boring thing. Pure hyperbole from what I can make out.

@TonyStark twitter is for musk what Washington post is for Bezos

Oligarchs gotta control the narrative for further oligarching.

@TonyStark Musk is going to hurl Twitter into space?

At last, a good idea.

Then again, littering off-planet like that seems problematic.

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