15 ways you can help people seeking a still-legal but challenging path to abortion right now:

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Kentucky Health Justice Network 

New Orleans Abortion Fund

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

Missouri Abortion Fund

North Dakota Women In Need Abortion Access Fund

Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

South Dakota Access for Every Woman Fund

Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Fund Texas Choice

Utah Abortion Fund

Pro-Choice Wyoming

Yellowhammer Fund

The Brigid Alliance

@JohnJClimateMarcher @TonyStark Be aware 4 of those links are #Cloudflare links which means both your ISP & Cloudflare Inc will see your IP & the info you’re looking at. I suggest visiting these cached pages /from Tor/ instead: (Tor is still needed b/c IA also sees)

@TonyStark @JohnJClimateMarcher Also note that if your ISP is #CenturyLink, #Qwest, #TimeWarner (#roadRunner), those ISPs are #ALEC members, which means they fund right wing politics.

@JohnJClimateMarcher @TonyStark Thus you should trust those ISPs even less particularly after #Trump reversed¹ #Obama policy & signed into law the right of ISPs to collect & sell anything you do online /without your consent/. 1.

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