The whole freaking country should be organizing to a previously unseen level.

Have current Republicans shown any restraint or ethics about what they already have done in the last few years? They're on a quest to remake America and anyone who isn't in an image of a Republican official or member of the 1% is out.

If you think they're just going after immigrant kids, you're wrong. They're on a quest to end public education and it hasn't been particularly secretive.

Abbott: Texas may challenge requirement to educate undocumented kids:

@TonyStark We need new leadership in the DNC. Pelosi and Schumer are not matching the GQP's aggression level. Need AOC or Katie Porter...

@TonyStark at the end of the day they’re going to kill civilization. If they continue to get power, we’re going to destroy our planet.

Unfortunately true, not to mention every woman and pregnant person who will die as a result of the end of safe abortion in many places, assuming they don't go for making it illegal everywhere.

@TonyStark if we can’t cut out this cancer that is the right-wing extreme, they are killing is all. Fortunately in Canada it’s only about 10% of the population but that’s 10% too many. It’s a white supremacist neo-Nazi movement the same as in the USA.
White Christian PRIVILEGE to the extreme.

@TonyStark what do you recommend for organizing. What are the next steps we should be doing to avoid this theocracy threat?

That's a super long answer but I wanted to acknowledge I see it.

There are multiple things on my timeline but we all need to be looking to organizations like Planned Parenthood and NARAL to help the immediate, talk to as many people as you can about showing up at protests, marches, demonstrations, etc. I think economic boycott action may be required.

We also have to work to get more people voting. We are in the majority but haven't voted like it and now the GOP controls far too many state legislatures.

Fight disinformation, stay unified with fellow people who feel like you do, and expect a serious fight.

@TonyStark this is an incredibly positive statement, and one that is needed across the US. Let me know what you are thinking re: boycott. Money seems to be what motivates for many.


A bunch of GOP people kept going to visit Russia. Carlson openly admires Victor Orban.

Some quick searching suggests the Confederacy openly viewed itself as a white Christian nation.

That's likely what they're aiming for.

@TonyStark Sweet Jesus. We’re all gonna go back to living in caves with these Neanderthals.

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