The GOP has been chipping away at abortion access for decades.

We need to elect more pro-choice Democrats to protect abortion access long-term, and in the immediate, we need to financially support abortion access so people can have access to safe and legal abortions right now, no matter what state they live in. 

Many people have posted about how to financially support abortion access and we'll continue to do so here.

If you’re interested in fighting for change through electoralism, consider donating to state races in , , and . In the former two, abortion will instantly become illegal once Roe is struck down and the legality of the procedure in the latter two depends on Democratic control of the legislature and governor's seat. State attorney general races are equally important as these offices can make or break the decision to prosecute.

Want to Protect Abortion Rights? Give to These Critical State Races-

@TonyStark not only will this take away abortions if the gop gets away with this, our privacy with our doctors is out the window. So HIPPA will be compromised, so basically anyone can snatch up your info. This is HUGE and we can't allow them to destroy roe vs Wade!

Sadly accurate. Data privacy can become a nightmare.

Without Roe, data will become a company headache and a user nightmare-
Personal information in the hands of tech companies is likely to become a legal target in a post-Roe world.

@TonyStark @JrCDeath
Your doctor won't give it up but companies who own the data can't really be trusted. It's a mess.

@DrHankPym @TonyStark @JrCDeath perhaps doctors need to put up warrant canaries, "my patient data hasn't been seized by warrant or force"

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