The goal of politically active evangelicals is nothing less than the imposition of a full Christian theocracy - and that's no exaggeration.

Read their literature. Listen to what their people say at various conferences and events, including some well-known political figures like former AG Bill Barr, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and even Ted Cruz. They and others are on the record at right wing events promoting what's sometimes referred to as Dominionism.

Do some searches on Christian Dominionism. It's pretty scary stuff. This is what underpins the religious right, which in just the last few years has fully snatched away control of the Republican Party from Wall Street and pro-business fiscal conservatives who were previously its main power players. The subversion of institutions they talk about is exactly what we're seeing right now. These people are serious. And we'd better be just as serious about opposing them.

How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church-

@TonyStark I come from a what would now be called evangelical family. I converted some vhs tapes from the mid 80s of me wandering around with the camera as a kid and you can hear my dad in the background talking about "they" and "them" and "the democrats" as the enemies. It's so gross.

It's 20 years old now, but there's a book that I recommend called "What's the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America".


Religious fanatics have always been with us. And they likely always will be with us. What hasn’t always been with us is their elevation into public power by the abuse of structural aspects of the American electoral system and support by a political party set on suppression of dissent.

I'm sorry that you had to go through that and hope you have a good support system now.

@TonyStark @nathaniel Thank you so much for sharing your story, Nathaniel, carrier of comically large coffees! It’s honestly really incredible and brave for you to basically undo cult-like conditioning and then make major changes to your life! I’m so happy you’re out here in the fediverse! I too hope you have a good support system now, and honestly I think you have a valuable perspective to offer.

Both you and Tony’s original point makes me miss Jared Yates Sexton, author of American Rule, which covers similar points. He was one of the few voices that made Twitter almost bearable - not enough to outweigh the bad but he really had an interesting perspective on how Christian Cults and Conspiracy theories have been weaponized throughout American history, but how this moment is especially toxic.

@chewbacca @TonyStark @nathaniel I am reading that book right now. I feel like I am not as "in shock" about how things are unfolding, and to have an antenna up for my own possible exposure to toxic conditioning. It's like going for a balloon ride and seeing the landscape you thought you knew so well from a very different perspective.

@SpiderMan @TonyStark fun fact – I grew up in the county they talk about in the book, so it was very personal to me and helpful in my specific journey


I have family that's deeply caught up in this right wing religious wave. We don't see each other now, which was their choice. The division is something they're causing in the name of nothing at all.

@SpiderMan @TonyStark As a kid, we would go to our "non-denominational" church 3 times a week. Twice on Sunday (morning and then go back in the evening), and then there was Wednesday prayer meeting where the "adults" would "discuss" things. My mom worked at the elder's christian bookstore; I was totally surrounded by it all.

I guess I am thankful that they really outsourced the majority of indoctrination to the church community and just assumed that I would _know_ the "Truth" (capitalized as they capitalize it). I shudder to think where I'd be had they taken a more active role in disciplined indoctrination.

I've discovered lately that as a kid, early on, I really learned how to reflect projections to attempt to maintain safety in my environment because conversations, real discussions, alternatives, non-normal behaviors and thoughts were "of the enemy" and "wordly" and the like.


netflix did a decent documentary on this insidious effort, called The Family.
i don't pay for the service anymore but it's a decent watch and fairly informative for those that don't know about this movement.

Thanks. I just got rid of Netflix not too long ago, also, but I'm sure I can watch it at a friend's.

@TonyStark @rustoleumlove

Hmmm. I wonder if they do potlucks?
What would it be like to slip in, all neighborly like, get to know them, and then... oh, I don't know, bring some "special brownies"?
Maybe some purple mushroom omelets and be like...
oh, I don't know...


My hunch is that the pro-business fiscal conservatives, especially the fossil fuel interests, still think they're playing these people like pawns.
Not realizing that they've set a bunch of loose cannons with short fuses pointed every which way and back again.
As if they can control a mob that takes on a mass hysteria of its own.

Playing with fire will get you burned!

@TonyStark Between the anti-covid containment to this, evangelicals in this country have lost credibility. Religion should be out of politics.

Ask me... Because I follow the old religion, some people put me into the right wing corner. Where I don't belong at all
My point is, that I agree. Religion should be out of politics

@Judybeesteeler I respect others' religious beliefs, just not the imposition on others and already different religions have different beliefs on the issue. It's nice to find others who think the same.

@ThorOfAsgard Religious freedom goes for all religions. Fanatismo is always wrong


they are as dangerous as nazis ... dont say fascists because not even mussolini people were that extreme ...


Right along those same lines...
Here's "Texas Paul reacts to GOP criminalizing contraception next" _Meidas Touch
Youtube (9 min 47 s):

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