Mastriano is a MAGA insurrectionist and he's promised he will steal the election for Trump in 2024 regardless of how the voters in Pennsylvania cast their ballots, besides all the other rights he's also sworn to take away, if elected.

Trumpism is a spreading cancer.

There is only one group of people that can stop this - voters.

The DOJ won't do it. It's not up to them.The NY AG won't do it. The Georgia AG won't do it. Mueller didn't do it. There is no savior coming. It will take organizing and hard work.

Voters have to reject the anti-democratic, destructive, and toxic politics of the GOP. Until this happens, they will continue to appeal to the worst instincts of the MAGA movement.

Opinion | Say it clearly: Republicans just nominated a pro-Trump insurrectionist-

10 years from now, either the Republican Party will be dead or American democracy will be dead. It's that simple.

And which way we go will be largely decided in elections this year and in 2024.

Please, everyone, do your part to help America make the right choice.

The good people of Pennsylvania could vote in Democrat Josh Shapiro, who, as the state’s attorney general, went after pedophile priests—what with pedophilia being so important to the conservative Republican extremists, you’d think they’d vote for the guy who’s actually done something about it.

@RJA @TonyStark

Did Mastriano also run for his state senate seat? In PA you can run for two offices at the same time and I would love to see him both out of the senate and lose this.

Shapiro is a good guy. I will miss Wolf being our governor but I will also feel secure with Shapiro in office. He has really fought for us as AG.

@phillyaccent @TonyStark I don't know if he did, but someone who wants pregnant people to die while being forced to give birth is gross and out of what anyone but the most right-wing extremists want.

@TonyStark We are at all hands on deck. Everyone has to show up and vote blue!

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