I keep getting stuck on the statements repeated by so many so-called pro-life politicians, that they believe children are valuable. (besides the fact that stages of pregnancy exist and an egg that's been fertilized for 15 minutes or 15 weeks isn't a child.)

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I really would like to be wrong here) but have any of these vocal pro-birth advocates said the same thing about women and all pregnant people? All they'd have to say is, "I really value the woman here, too" or "We also have to consider the pregnant person's life." And mean it.

But they don't value them. They only value the role they want them to play: child-bearer.

Carrying a child to term is already dangerous in the US. Imagine if Republicans poured their energy into prenatal care and the important support children and families need once a successful pregnancy happens. That, not forced birth, would actually be pro-life.

What Alito Doesn’t Understand About Pregnancy-

The Republicans blocked some form of legislation to get more baby formula, basically they didn't want to spend 28 mil to keep babies alive 🤔 interesting how they really don't care at the end of the day and it's all about control

@TonyStark When my son was little and I was single, I often worked jobs where the pay barely covered my childcare. We lived in various states of homelessness until he was 6 and I married my husband. The whole time I wondered where those fine people who guilted me into carrying my pregnancy were.

They absolutely don’t care about children or breeders. They don’t even care about fetuses. They care about controlling people’s bodies.

@Sionnach @TonyStark as Colbert, I think, put it, the Supreme Court majority is old men and a woman who thinks The Handmaid's Tale is a romcom


In my opinion, today's Republicans are fascists. For years the GOP has provoked with injustices and social impositions. Trump's presidency was the height of fascist/political provocation. Republicans have made racism acceptable, curtailed LGBTQIA rights or not allowed them in the first place. So it is only logical that women's rights are now being sanctioned as well.
While Democrats continue to be outraged by these impositions, - 1/2

fascist ideas are becoming entrenched. I fear outrage alone will not stop this threat.
I wonder how strong anti-fascist solidarity is in the U.S. and whether this threat is perceived as such by the general public? @TonyStark - 2/2

I don't think that many people take it seriously enough, no, including a large part of the media covering current events and an overall avoidance approach exhibited by many. I have hope, however.

German journalist Lukas Hermsmeier describes in his book (Uprising - America's New Left) that the leftists/progressives are gaining strength and presents this new movement as a beacon of hope.
I had wondered about this, as I had gotten a different impression from (social) media. I hope that the perspectives he points out are accurate.
Despite the war in Europe, I remain concerned about an America that is losing all morality. Not - 1/2

the hypocritical clerical morality, but that of the rule of law, freedom and democracy. @TonyStark - 2/2

@TonyStark By the way, Natasha Lyonne was wearing a mask at the end of the SNL finale that said “MY BODY MY CHOICE” ❤️ her!

It was an unusually good, funny show, actually:

Good to know. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I appreciate knowing. Thanks!

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