First, to people complaining that people don't know what AR-15 stands for, lots of people know. In case anyone doesn't, it's ArmaLite Rifle, named for the maker and it's based on a military weapon. Assault rifle or not? Who cares?

Assault rifle is a common term and we all know what it refers to. Who gives a chicken fried fuck about the names? That’s nonsense to deflect and obstruct.

However, I promise to make sure everyone I know uses it correctly. Will everyone else promise to learn that I have the right to not have my kid shot with one?

Because we sure need a better system than this. Republicans now want to "harden schools?" Another useless fake they'll never do anything about, anyway.

Harden how hard it is to get a gun. That will help students. And teachers. And grocery store shoppers. Pass universal background checks.

We ordered the same gun used in Uvalde. Here’s how easy it was:

That's sick.

We need universal background checks NOW.

On the other thing, it's a rifle that assaults. Maybe the gun manufacturers want us to differentiate because they can make more guns sales that way.

VOTE BLUE all the way down the ticket. Enough good people can end this tyranny of the minority.

AR/Assault Riffle/ArmaLite Riffle/Unnecessary Death Machine same fucking thing.

Nitpicking a brand/style name is just a cheap distraction to avoid the real problem.

"Wade, why are you Xeroxing your ass in the copy room."
"I wasn't Xeroxing anything."
"Wade, we saw you on the cameras."
"That was a Canon."
"Who cares? I want to know WHY?"
"I can't have a rational discussion with you if you don't even know what machine you think you saw me using!"

@TonyStark Sorry for the crass analogy. I'm so heartbroken& angry about all these shootings that if I don't make bad analogies, sarcastic responses& lousy jokes in between my calls to Congress& my donations to gun safety candidates& letters to the editor, I'm afraid I'll freeze up & uselessly cry in a corner with my cat forever instead of continuing to fight.

I think we're past the point about where we need to worry about being crass, especially since I know you.

@TonyStark Just 93 bucks a month..

Only pay first month since you're in jail or dead the remaining months, what a flash sale :ad:


The cost to society is just too great. Guns need to go. At the very, very least, easy to get guns need to go.

I bet the NRA would even be against a bill outlawing financing plans for guns. You'd have Republicans using the words "class warfare" in all seriousness.


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