Rusty Bowers was a compelling witness, but it was Shaye Moss’s testimony that made my blood boil.

What Giuliani and Trump did to her, her mother, and grandmother was deranged.

While a Republican State House Speaker's testimony held great weight, nothing speaks to the abject cruelty, the ultimate pettiness, the misdirected criminal intent and effect of Trump's sordid, twice-impeached, disgraced time in office, and clear conspiracy to overturn a free and democratic election than the intimidation of this election worker, her mother, and grandmother.

They certainly threatened Bowers and his family, but they did not burst open his grandmother's door waving faked documents and demanding a house arrest. They did that to Moss because she is Black.

I hope numerous torts and civil lawsuits await Trump---on top of the many felony charges I hope Justice is preparing for him. It can't happen soon enough.

Jan 6. panel witnesses recount post-election threats of violence-


I'm including this (and more!) in my weekly admonitions to:
The Department of Justice

It must stop!
Should have been stopped years ago right up to yesterday.
Today would be helpful.

Do we dare hope that by next week some justice will prevail?


I'm all for making sure it's a good case as we just have one chance and even timing it out close to when people are voting, strategically, but we're stretching it out a bit here.

In any case, we should all advocate to our government on a regular basis as to what we put them there for.


And, loudly.
And, clearly.
And, even foolishly, if need be!

Just like they've done for years (i.e. the guns-have-rights goons and anti-abortion activists). They showed up.

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