The Court that is all about states' rights, until a state does something the White Nationalists don't like.

SCOTUS is on the wrong side of all of the major challenges the U.S. faces.

Voting rights - wrong side

Dark money - wrong side

Climate change - wrong side

Gun control - wrong side

Restricting already decided rights (abortion) - wrong side

This is not sustainable. Voters need to give the Dems the power they need to fix this. It didn't take one election to get this way. It won't take one to fix it.

Supreme Court strikes down N.Y. law that restricts concealed carrying of guns-

@SteveRogers @TonyStark
Now I get to look over my shoulder& be hyperaware of every MAGA/NRA hat& 2A shirt that walks into my store, never knowing if they're carrying a concealed weapon or not, and if they're dangerous. Young punk complaining about the price of coffee? Cranky old man who's mad that the person ahead if them got the last peanut donut?

s/ Thanks a lot Supreme Court. You've done so much to help lower my anxiety levels& make me feel safe to go about my normal day./s🙄😒

Can't wait to vote in more Democrats willing to expand the court& limit term lengths.

@AgentCarter_SSR @SteveRogers @TonyStark Keep an eye peeled ma’am! Something tells me they wouldn’t be a match for you and any nearby fork.

@AgentCarter_SSR @SteveRogers @TonyStark I'm hoping they take the rest of the day off from killing us.

Less than 4 months until the midterms.

It is an imperative that the GOP not win in November 2022. Something much more important than gas prices and inflation are on the line.


Congress needs to take power from the court now.

"Even worse, the Court’s assertion of the power to invalidate federal laws has stripped Americans of the expectation, once widely shared, that the most important interpretations of the Constitution are expressed not by judicial decree but by the participation of “We, the People,” in enacting national legislation"

I don't think that can do that. Constitutionally, no.


Giving the power of deciding what is constitutional to the court is not in the constitution. It was decided by the court itself.

Yeah, but Congress's powers aren't limitless. There's really no remedy here but Court expansion or term limits and good luck passing that with a 50/50 Senate.

Only thing we can do is vote better.


The two people who wrote the atlantic article are both harvard professors specializing in history and constitutional law so their plan is at least an arguable idea.

It is also unreasonable that an illegitimate and corrupt court stacked by a corrupt actors (McConnell & Trump) gets to decide whatever they want with with whatever tortured logic gets them their favored white patriarchal christian nationalist outcome.

Voting is one among many possible actions. Congress is under powered relative to the constitution because it's easier for them to let the courts or the president take the heat for decisions than to figure out how to cooperate between factions that hate each other.

Yeah, I read it, thanks.

Nowhere in there does anyone recommend Congress seize power from the Supreme Court.

"If the Court is today eviscerating those very constitutional commitments through its case law, Congress should enact or amend federal statutes to advance a different understanding of a nation built on democratic justice."

That's not the same thing, FFS.


So many people are getting killed by this courts decisions.

And several of the seats were straight up stolen by procedural games by McConnell.

@TonyStark ☕️🙂 I just emailed Colorado Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper thanking them for their anticipated votes in support of the Senate bipartisan Safer Communities Bill. It’s great I know they don’t have to be encouraged to do this. Still, positive messages from constituents lets them know that they have the numbers to do so.

Thanks, Glenn.

People's negativity is getting a little irritating. I appreciate your positive action.

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