Suspending transit fares is a much better idea.

A gas tax holiday is a absolutely bad political idea that I have seen proposed repeatedly during my life every time gas prices appeared to be "too high" (and I'm good with Biden generally speaking).

It's already abominably hard it is to get funding for the nation's highways and transit services. Most road and highway funds still come from fuel taxes. Funding for public transit gets cut all the time. The federal gas tax hasn't been increased since 1990. Meanwhile, the costs to build and repair roads have gotten much more expensive, so each dollar pays for less.

It's not a bad idea to express this sentiment to your Democratic representatives.

We need to reduce demand to bring gas prices down, if they should come down at all, and encourage public transit.

Pro tip - drive less.

Analysis | Suspend transit fares instead of the gas tax, climate advocates tell Biden-

@TonyStark Pelosi needs to keep saying no to a gas tax holiday and not even let this get out of the caucus. Prices have begun to moderate or come down slightly — yeah they are still high — as people reduce demand. That’s how the economy works.

Driving less and investing in other ways to get around makes more sense on all levels.

@RJA @TonyStark Gas tax “holiday” is a freaking joke. It’s like putting a bandaid on a hollow-point round gunshot wound in the chest.


Not sure POTUS can suspend all public transit fares.
He needs congress to suspend the tax.
Sensible ppl know POTUS can't do anything to have any real, immediate results.
But, again, can he even just suspend fares?

"President Biden should be pushing for a transit fare holiday, rather than a gas tax holiday, if he's serious about tackling climate change and cutting emissions from America's car-centric transportation system, according to climate advocates and some House Democrats.

Biden appealed to Congress on Wednesday to suspend the federal gasoline and diesel tax for three months, as the national average price of gas hovers at nearly $5 a gallon. But his proposal faces skepticism from lawmakers in both parties — and even some White House economists and Treasury Department officials — who worry that it would not meaningfully bring down prices at the pump."

I'm fine with a mass transit fare holiday!!
I agree, suspending the gas tax could have the opposite effect, increasing demand!
So, POTUS basically needs congress to do any of this?
I really like the idea! Give ppl who use mass transit a break while encouraging transit use, while lessoning carbon effect, all bringing down oil demand therefore lowering the price!
Why are we so much smarter than "the smart people"!? 😁

Yes, Congress would have to. I personally think it would be better policy for the climate and the economy.

It's not the easy route but as you said, not enough people know what the President can do alone or what gas taxes are used for.

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