We had an energizing demonstration yesterday in downtown for abortion rights.

Sharing some pictures.

Please attend these if you can in your area.

We discussed ways to support women and people in groups being attacked by this current wave of repression and how to support those seeking an abortion.

We discussed candidates and ways to get out the vote and talk to voters. Some of that we already do, but meeting up and motivating one another and showing our numbers built strength.

I'm not giving up and neither should you. Get involved. Support the people who need it. Vote. Help get out the vote.

I don't live in Pennsylvania but close enough to know how important November's elections are to the entire country.

I'm pitching in to help Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis get elected. I hope others will, too.
Support Josh Shapiro for Governor! We need your help to keep Pennsylvania in Democratic hands.
Austin Davis for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania

Support Austin Davis for Lt. Governor! We need your help to keep Pennsylvania blue.

@SteveRogers @TonyStark
To my fellow Pennsylvanians:

We have a GOP nominee for governor who thinks that the idea of "my body, my choice" is ridiculous. He's vowed that, if elected, he will abolish abortion here with (I believe) no restrictions, and we have a Republican majority legislature that will happily give him the bill he wants to sign. The choice of our next governor couldn't be more critical. A Democratic governor would never sign such a bill. Please vote for Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis in November and ask your friends and family, too.

We also need to elect John Fetterman over Mehmet Oz, who doesn't even live in our state.

Yes, we have two loony Republicans running for the top two offices in the state.

Both Democrats are polling well over them but we need to make sure there's a massive Democratic victory. :voteblue:


💜 & ☮️ & ✊🏼

@TonyStark I have to admit I'm scared but I'm not giving up, either. I fear for where this country is headed.

But I agree we can't give up.

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