How many times can Senator Collins be “misled” by the same people, using the same script?

Senator Collins can join the Democrats to remove the filibuster and vote for codifying Roe and shoring up voting rights if this is really true. If she doesn't, we know she wasn't misled by fraud, but that she was an accomplice to it.

The rest of us can elect Democrats to the Senate who want to do the same thing. Forget about Manchin. His state isn't going to elect anything different and probably someone worse if he leaves.

Focus on winnable states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, or Georgia.

Opinion | How Susan Collins can repair the damage she has wrought-
She broke it. Now she must fix it.

@TonyStark As a ex-resident of Maine I can assure you that Collins is never misled. She is a cross between Rosa Klebb and Dolores Umbridge. As vile as both. Maine media never push her and maintain this “duped” propaganda.
She’s not up for re-election so concentrate on those who are. Increase the Senate Dems and let Susan make tea on her one way ferry ride to Inconsequence, Maine.

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