“The same energy that inspired many to stand for hours on hot pavements with signs, make numerous calls to their congressmen, march, and selflessly give countless funds must be the same energy implored to now demand early education, food assistance, and childcare relief,” Kori Porter, CEO, Christian Solidarity Worldwide—USA

This needs to be every single person who voted for the two minority presidents who put the votes to overturn Roe on the Supreme Court.

Funny, though, it's a small minority of anti-abortion people. Most of them say "private charity" or worse, "you got pregnant, it's your problem." Who is in favor of a strong social safety net? Oh, it's Democrats, who are largely pro-choice. Pro-choice people are the ones who are actually pro-family, which means supporting families who struggle to support themselves.



Interestingly, all Republicans did since the Roe decision came out Friday is introduce more ways to squash people's given rights and threaten already marginalized groups.

It's not about the babies or their educational programs would be about paying for education, healthcare, prenatal care, and leave. They're not.

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