What happened in Kansas?

More than 900,000 people voted on a proposed constitutional amendment to remove abortion protections. That’s more than 25% more votes than were cast in the state’s Republican and Democratic Senate primaries. It's about two-thirds of the number of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s a stunningly high level of voting for a measure put on the ballot in August, or really any ballot measure at all.

This wasn’t just a pro-choice win. It was a drubbing. Biden lost KS by 9 points. Pro-choice may win by 20 points.

Thanks to all Kansans who wemt door-to-door, everyone who wrote postcards to get information out and encourage turnout, and to all Kansans who voted ‘no.’ This is a huge deal.

Get out the vote efforts are important. Voting is important.

Opinion | Kansas just gave forced-birth zealots a reason to be very afraid:
The Dobbs backlash is real.

No matter their geographical location, American women don’t like their rights being taken away. Thank you, Kansas.

State legislatures in red states are fighting over themselves to be the most reactionary. But when the PEOPLE vote, you get a different result. Message sent.

Well, well, well... the anti-choice zealots got smacked down big-time Kansas. In a record turnout for a primary election, no less.

Hear that, you smug, misogynist Republicans??

That's the sound of the earth moving right under your feet.

@MJ @TonyStark
Ah, the roar of a sea of angry voters. May that sound only grow louder in the ears of Republicans come November. 🌊

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