Republicans are a sick group of people who are clearly pushing for a white Christian nationalist fascist country. They are not hiding it any longer and are clear about their intentions.

If Pol Pot were still alive, they’d be welcoming him to CPAC and roaring with approval. The love U.S. rightwingers have for foreign despots and dictators is matched only by their hatred for the U.S.A. and democracy.

Hungary's autocratic leader tells U.S. conservatives to join his culture war:
Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán, who has suppressed civil liberties and intimidated media and corporate critics, kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

Rightwing Christians feel their influence waning and are desperate to hold on to influence so they'd rather go dictator over American democracy. Please mind your own business, Christian nationalists, and leave the rest of us alone. No one will keep you from your superstitions.

@TonyStark Now if only democrats weren’t republican light. But, yeah, “at least they’re not openly fascist” is actually where we’re at these days.

Yeah, I get that. I mean, that certainly fits some Democrats at the federal level. Not all, though.

And definitely not many at the state/local/community level. We get a lot of things done that way. Unless you mean I'm personally Republican lite, which I'm definitely not!😆

The U.S. as a whole isn't all that left. It's probably more center compared to other countries so it makes it a bit more challenging, too.

Point well made, though. We have a good chance of getting some more progressive senators into the U.S. Senate in November and could get more accomplished without the capitulations. More fascists definitely won't help.

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