I'm so happy to see this. Alex Jones is perhaps the most morally repugnant figure in public life in my lifetime, bar Trump. I hope the remaining lawsuits utterly destroy the business empire he built on the backs of the murdered children's families he called "crisis actors," and I hope further families victimized by his evil grift to his gullible and violent base who haven't already taken him to court clean out what's left after that.

A jury tags Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages for 2 Sandy Hook parents-

When will the racist dirtbags who support him run out of money?

@TonyStark @RodneyAnonymous Let me know when that guy actually pays a penny of that. He’ll already win an appeal on his crafty phone record debacle, which will hit the reset button for a new trial. He’ll never pay a penny because the US court system is systematically broken. 45 million bucks is comic book numbers. He will still be on every night shitting his bile from his mouth to equally dense supporters. There’s much better ways to deal with this guy and his kind.

@TonyStark At last justice will be served! Alex Jones has created a monster, and he also is one.

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