I'm reading one indignant Trump loyalist comment after another complaining that this event is "unprecedented."

Not one of them seems to appreciate that the fact that it's never been necessary for the FBI to search the property of a ex-president before now is a good thing. Guess they're in too much of a snit to be thinking about that.

If they had any sense, they'd be distancing themselves as far as possible and being quiet. Because their current reaction indicates that what the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago is devastating.

Trump World hasn’t thought through its ‘planted evidence’ claim-

@TonyStark “EVIDENCE? I may have left a couple a magic cards but planted evidence, never!

Amazing how Ron Desantis is crying about the "weaponizing" of the federal government against the GOP when he gladly weaponized his state government against Disney World.

@Sunspot @TonyStark well, actually, any single person or entity who opposes him.

Did they walk in with ten boxes of evidence? Pretty sure that's all on film.

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