DOJ investigations aren't run by popularity contest.

Yes, the right and the far-right are screeching on the internet and in the media. That was to be expected. Funny thing about the right and the far-right: they are the law-and-order crowd, but only until the law-and-order knocks on their door. Then they want to defund it.

It's all part of the same goal. On the GOP’S part, the more faith and trust in institutions is shaken, and by extension, U.S. democracy and government, which is their aim and objective, the better for them. They see it as justification for power grabs.

This needs to repeatedly be called out by the media as such and efforts to combat this must be consistently put front and center. Trumpers are too weak and corrupt to do it, so it's up to the rest of us.

Opinion | Merrick Garland is no cowboy-

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