Tuesday, September 20 is National Voter Registration Day! ⁠

is a day dedicated to reminding everyone to register to vote.

It's a great day to check or update your voter registration or register to vote if you’re not.

Have you moved? Changed your name? Missed voting in a few elections? Turned 18?⁠

All great reasons to update your registration or register to vote for the first time. ⁠

Mid-term elections are right around the corner. Making sure that you are registered to vote is the first step to being more involved in decisions on the local and national level and having your voice heard.

Do it here:

Registering to vote is vital to making your voice heard, and it's easy to do!

Former President Obama shows 5 things harder than registering to vote.

Voting is bigger than you. It’s bigger than us.

Let’s all check our voter registration and make 2022 a year with historically high turnout!

@ClintBarton I gotta register but I can't because i cant sign the form online. so i gotta have someone help me.

@WanderingBeekeeper OK. You didn’t say that specifically. No need to be rude.

You can do that online, too.

Enjoy your day.

@WanderingBeekeeper This account blocked me for helping them. OK.

Hope they didn’t enjoy their followers on dtown. Is that how people on act? Haven’t encountered them before. Not a great impression.

@TonyStark If I can do this to vote, anyone else should, too. Screw the defeatism.


The only time I've ever had a line like that was to vote for Obama in November 2008. I hope that's not your norm but knowing how voters in majority-Black areas are treated, I know it may well be. I have lived in majority-Black precincts (though I am not Black) but have typically had the flexibility to vote mid-day (state law that gives time off during the work day and employers who encourage it). I tried to go before work in 2008 though and still needed those hours and more because everyone was so excited to elect Obama! Now I vote by mail (using the drop box) which should be an option in all states so no one has to wait in this kind of line, though I also know people who would rather vote in person and that should be an option too.


@MariaHill @TonyStark It has been the norm sometimes but it also has depended on where I live.

My state does offer early voting and mail voting and it’s not a blue state so I suggest people look into that because a lot of states offer it, even so-called red states.

Voting in person is fun and I usually do that. I’ve never not had some sort of line. I’ve never minded waiting.

Lots of people act as if others' social media accounts are their personal dumping grounds. It's abusive and wrong.

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