THIS is the one thing that annoys me most to hear during this cycle. It seemed a non issue to agree that mid- end 2020 was probably the worst time for literally everyone in recent history. Thriving businesses shut down, some for good. Thousands dying every day. Record unemployment. Exactly what the fuck was so great?


@spaghetto Nothing.

And for some reason, lots of people forgot. Media coverage doesn’t help but it’s surprising to me that anyone thinks giving power to the people who want to outlaw abortion is going to fix the price of gas, which was $ 3.10 at the Costco nearest to me this morning anyhow. Not that I need gas. I drive an EV.

@TonyStark More detail:

When Trump left office, unemployment was 6.4% and more than 3,000 people were still dying daily from COVID.

Today, unemployment is down to 3.7%, schools are open, over 220 million Americans are vaccinated, and the US economy is leading the world in coming back from the pandemic.

@DemDifference @TonyStark Yes, things are way better, but 300 people are still dying every day from Covid.

@bikka @TonyStark
Yes. That's a tragedy we should not forget.

Particularly tragic is the fact that many of the COVID deaths suffered in the United States over the past year and a half were preventable. And they've disproportionately come in states where GOP leaders pandered to those spreading misinformation.

@DemDifference @TonyStark Too sad democratic candidates didn’t focus on this data.

@Rubyslippahs @TonyStark long Covid is always overlooked when looking at statistics. Far more lives will be impacted from this than we even want to think about.

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