How to donate to make a difference in ’s Dec. 6 Senate Runoff Election! Raphael Warnock’s race is a critical one for the entire country and most especially for the people of Georgia.

Here’s a list of some of the many Georgia-based organizations that are doing critical runoff election work right now.

* 1000 Women Strong:
* Black Voters Matter:
* Democratic Party of Georgia:
* Democratic Party County Committees:
* Environ. Voter Project:
* Fair Fight Action:
* Georgia Alliance for Progress:
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda:
* New Georgia Project:
* Power the Vote:
* Young Democrats of Georgia:

@JoannaBee @TonyStark
We have to show strong support just to even the scale with Sinema and Manchin standing on the opposite side of the balance.

You know all of those coins you have sitting around the house? Donate it now...
It will make you feel good...

@TonyStark we need Warnick to smother Walker whether or not Nevada comes through! Don’t back off!

Important dates FOR THE Dec 6, 2022, runoff election. Please share widely 🌊🇺🇲

@TonyStark Great information, thanks. This is really important for a lot of reasons.

@TonyStark I managed to find a few dollars after a big season here but this race is so important.


@Sunspot @TonyStark

Thank you for donating to help! I’m writing postcards for the campaign. All assistance is appreciated.


@brisea @Vinny787 You’re a good person, Vinny. I’m going to try to keep up with your account better.

We gotta leave the world better than we found it. 🤙🏾

@TonyStark Not to discourage the push in Georgia, but meanwhile we are desperate for volunteers to hold House seats by contacting Democrats whose ballots were rejected for signature or date issues. We can make these votes count IF we do the work. Please boost.

Go to


@Lee_in_Iowa Links are funny on Mastodon but here’s the live one;

Thanks! I have a few of these on the timeline now!

@TonyStark Thank you! Some of us volunteering for the Speaker have been trying to get the word out. Georgia is overwhelmed with help, while these shorter -deadline House seats are in serious need of volunteers to get hold of people whose ballots will count—but only if they take time to correct them. #VolunteerToCureTheVotes

@TonyStark thank you for making the list! I’d love for you to consider adding CASA in Action, who’s doing Black and Latino voter outreach, all bilingual.

If every dem woill pitch in just a bit, we can get the Rev in. I'm doing postcards, which works for me, as I'm in a rural RED area, so there's no engagement here. What's everyone else doing to win the #GeorgiaRunoff? Because we cannot have Walker, of all people, reping #Georgia. We need to #ElectWarnock

@ESugarloaf @TonyStark phone bank if you can. Person to person is the best way to GOTV.

@DeborahT @TonyStark
Great ! Do you know what an average # people do? I wanted to do all I can, but was afraid I couldn't get them all done in time.

@ESugarloaf @TonyStark It takes a village. Just do 5–you can do that in less than an hour. I’ve been doing #PostcardsToVoters since March 2017. If you do 5 for Raphael Warnock, you’ll be ready for the next campaigns. See for ways to sign up.


You can write postcards/letters, not too late with a first-class stamp.

This site provides names and addresses from the public voter rolls.

Yes, I've been working on them ! I just mailed 50 today & the next batch will go tomorrow. I hope the holiday doesn't delay delivery too much. 💙

Postcard writing is an amazing thing anyone can do to encourage others to vote. Printed mail doesn’t usually get people’s attention. But handwritten postcards?? You bet!! And if you get blanks and draw/write on both sides even better!! I just got a list of 50 GA folks for my kids to work on. Keep postcards in mind for future elections too!! @assemblage @ESugarloaf

@EeeeWooo @assemblage

Yes! I got blank cards this time, too. I did swing states a few months ago, which had a black & oj front, which I wasn't in love with. But I had more fun this time. I can't wait to do more next time. I'll be twiddling my thumbs till I can again! I sent off my last batch this morning. Fingers crossed for #Georgia!

@shan73198 @EeeeWooo @ESugarloaf

Those are great!! Yes, I had never done it before, and it was nice to slow down and communicate personally. Who knows how they will be received, but it felt very human.

@assemblage @shan73198 do @EeeeWooo @ESugarloaf so happy to know that fun friendly postcards increases voter turnout by up to 3%. When some elections are won by an average of 4 votes per precinct, it’s heartening to know that a little note and 44 cents postage can make a difference for Good. (Can you tell I’m an optimist?)

@Postcards4CA @assemblage @shan73198 @EeeeWooo

Well, I'm a pessimist, so I'm hoping the cards will poke enough people to get up & vote.! Whatever works is good with me!👍

@shan73198 thank you! Love those cards. ✍🏼❤️🗳📬✅ volunteers write as few as 4 at a time, when they have time. Text Join to 484-275-2229 to sign up.


Yes, I'm joined.! I'm just feeling scattered, as people are now using so many soc media sites, I'm worried I'll miss something important somewhere else, so I try to monitor everywhere, while trying to learn the ins & outs of each #DemCast is great. I hope more will come to do what they can in getting him thru again.
#Warnock2022 #RevdUp #GeorgiaRunoff #Warnock #WarnockForGA

@ESugarloaf @TonyStark

I'm doing postcards from here in Florida. Had to do something. To think it's even a close race is just nuts.

#ElectWarnock #Georgia #WarnockForSenate

@sunnywillow love from CA to FL. We’ve written FL vote by mail postcards 3 cycles at least. I’ve colored in my FL county map LOL.

@DrAHM @TonyStark

Great ! I really like doing them. I'm going to miss it during the wait for next elections!

@TonyStark I’m a Georgia resident. I implore anyone to donate to Get Out The Vote efforts.

@KLB @TonyStark I live in Arizona, but I did donate towards the runoff!! Fingers crossed for you guys!!

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