Real quick, a fast way to get suspended here, besides violating the very clear code of conduct, is to show up at this time in history and tell women they’re too angry and are turning voters off.

Well, that and spouting nonsense, but mostly the other thing.

Glad I could clear that up.

@TonyStark Thank you. I’m getting tired of it over here. We’re going to be angry for awhile.

@Krosen_nw @TonyStark
See, I was 7. Watching from my safe white home in New England, I couldn’t understand how New Orleans wouldn’t let a little kid go to school. She’s a year younger than me. My sister was 22. She was registering people to vote in Augusta, GA. These memories, and the fire of the fight, still burns. Never stop. Ever. There’s too much to lose.

@sidhra @TonyStark ❤ Same. I was 12 years old living in Northern Michigan 😪 We will never stop the fight against racism. Not ever.

@TonyStark Women just rejected abortion bans around the country and some men are telling us we’re too mad for voter turnout?

@PixxburghGirl @TonyStark
Fifties propaganda: meek, barefoot and pregnant. We raised our daughters to be angry and speak out but the Right christofascists haven't caught on to that yet.

@TonyStark Women and the younger generation swung this election, and we should never forget that.

@TonyStark Thank you Tony. Glad to see that someone understands.

@TonyStark Well, it’s not good to see that the sexist azzholes are here too.

@TonyStark It’s pretty much what was done this election. GOP and their pundits told us to smile more. So, instead of suspension, they got rejected

Thank you, Tony! Too many men don’t understand this. 🤜🏼

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