I have no idea why mythical posts always float around after gun tragedies that claim we need more and especially in our homes.

We don’t. It doesn’t work. I have to repost this every few months.

Do guns make us safer? Science suggests no | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health-

@TonyStark i mean it's probably one of the most evidenced claims on the planet, that more guns != more safer. Right?

@boojit @TonyStark It's their go to knee jerk reaction slogan. It's basically a reflex. Mass shooting? More guns is the solution! Like saying geseundheit after a sneeze

@TonyStark The key is, the loopholes written in that made it mixed.

@TonyStark We're a nation of gun owners like no other nation on Earth, and yet the answer to violence is fear and at least one more gun. Every time. Is there a graph with a timeline long enough that finally shows the intersection where enough guns prevent this violence? And will the gun industry change the goal post when this finally happens? The answer is obvious to everyone but the ones listening to fear mongers.

@iquaanyin @TonyStark Certainly true, but we're fortunate to be able to think and confront our fear after the fact, and yet they won't. The NRA's line remains the same no matter how many shootings occur or Democratic leaders are elected - "They're coming for your guns, buy more guns, guns will keep you safe."

Same rhetoric, same actions, and always the same results. They will never stop being afraid.

@TonyStark These mythical screeds also seem to include articles with the perfunctory "We never saw it coming" and "It just doesn't make sense."

I get that times are tough for journalism, but it all feels like more can be done to capture the horror of it all. Every gun tragedy is unique and sad, so it'd honor those lost (and injured) to find something that makes the public take notice.

@stopgopfox @TonyStark
I'm an #Analyst by instinct and #Leftist by necessity. When in doubt, you count.
*Days between shootings
*Bullets entering bodies
*Dollars buying AR's

Using the smallest common denominator
@chrislhayes @maddow and the like CAN make it uncomfortable for the #GOPClownAct



I suppose weapons ideology
is the most successful conspiracy theory:

"... the term "conspiracy theory" refers to hypothesized conspiracies that have specific characteristics. For example, conspiracist beliefs invariably oppose the mainstream consensus among those people who are qualified to evaluate their accuracy, such as scientists or historians...."

CT serve to construct images of the enemy and to legitimize violence/rule/republicans


@harmonyears2 Unfortunately sensible assessment.



🤷🏻‍♀️ At least history shows conspiracy theories aren't new and despite Homo sapiens' learning resistance, even this too can be overcome.

With this in mind, happy holidays.

@TonyStark We are prisoners to a tribe of crackpots and hacks who insist that allowing people marinating in hate access to weapons of war is not just compatible with but is required by freedom.

This isn't freedom.

We aren't free.

@TonyStark also, one might look at such scientific fields as geography & history; look at any other country than the US over any historic period, and you will find evidence that despite the glaring absence of a crapton of guns sprinkled over the general population, said country did not, in fact, perish under an unstoppable wave of crime, as the logic employed by the gun lobby says it should have.

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