There were two other Arizona propositions that are worth mentioning in the context of this piece. Arizona voters rejected a move to make voter identification much more onerous and they approved a campaign finance reform initiative.

The people who worked hard and followed through on this initiative skillfully threaded the needle for a common sense measure on a polarized battlefield. Kudos to that strategy and cheers to the Dreamers.

Educating the members of one’s community is a core part of a successful, healthy society. If one wants to value the lives of the young in particular, education must be part of it.

It’s good to see that most Arizona voters value common sense. Voting matters. It always does.

We lost in-state tuition. Here's how we won it back for all:

@TonyStark This is a great story to start the day with. Organizing and working for common sense goals is a winning strategy. And it takes time. But that time is worth it. Would it be better if those in power weren’t constantly vilifying immigrants and Black and Brown people? Obviously. But this is a good story of baby steps winning the day for something that benefits everyone. Great job, Arizona.

I voted for this and it's such a great bit of news! While Arizona is not a blue state yet, we're turning purple and the work of great people like this is really worthy of notice. :az:

@threestars @MJ @TonyStark
Arizona is so stupid, though. We only narrowly defeated the voter ID law while narrowly passing a measure that limits our future ability to tax the rich, requiring a supermajority of voters to approve any new tax initiative. Meanwhile, if the Maricopa voters who’d voted for Katie Hobbs would’ve simply carried on down the ballot to vote for Julie Gunnigle as County Attorney, she’d have beaten Rachel Mitchell.

@threestars @MJ @TonyStark
We need to do soooooo much better in this state. It would be a much nicer place to live if we leftists could get on the same page.

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