Kyle Rittenhosue has been a guest of honor at quite a few GOP campaign events leading up to the midterm elections. A significant number of GOP elected officials have already proven that this is the norm for them, not just Trump.

Trump knows exactly who these people are. There are many members of the Republican Party that have enabled Trump and continue to do so. They’ve had numerous opportunities to stand up to him and stop him but have refused to do so. And the white supremacist
elements of the Republican Party and their supporters see this and have become greatly energized by it, so much so that the threats of political violence are now everyday worries for our country. That’s a threat to the survival of the country.

They’re not better than this.

‘F---ing nightmare’: Trump team does damage control after he dines with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes-

@TonyStark is he still being exploited by that girl on TikTok for clout? That was hilarious

@TonyStark they are not better than this! This is exactly who they are. The confounding thing is, they've been totally open about it. I'm not sure how it's shocking to anyone at this point.

@TonyStark People don't support Trump in spite of who he is, but rather BECAUSE of who he is. It's disgusting.

@panthergirl @TonyStark That is truth right there!! He's just a reflection of his MAGATS!



The extremism has been in the Republican party for almost a century. Listen to Rachel Maddow's podcast Ultra to hear about how it took hold during WWII and before. It's in the party's DNA. Zero accountability, zero reckoning, swept under the rug.

@Sunspot @TonyStark
Perhaps the most suppressed history of this nation centers on the Fascist loving Capitalists during and especially in the aftermath of WWII.
I became deeply interested in questions like;
Why did so many members of the State Dept. and CIA work so closely with Nazis during and after the war against Communist “threat.”


To be sure, there is a connection between Republican politicians and political violence. And it didn’t just start with Trump, and it isn’t just a production of the past decade or two. Two big problems are when Ronald Reagan initiated his administration with "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem" and second as the Republican Party embraced the most extreme voices in the 2nd Amendment movement. Now, they can no longer reign in the most extreme voices without endangering their own political careers, something they will not do.


@SteveRogers @Sunspot @TonyStark the downfall of the GQP started with Reagan!! Nixon was bad but didn't let the Evangelical hypocrites in like Reagan. To this day, there is no low with the Rescumlicans...Trickle down is garbage like the whole lot of the GOP

@Sunspot I am just starting to listen to this. Fascinating so far.

@Sunspot @TonyStark I haven’t listened to Ultra yet but will put it in my list. I loved Bag Man, which I listened to shortly after I finished the Nixon Slow Burn season. So well done.

I almost spit out my coffee when I came across an opinion in WAPO trying to make DeSantis out as the return to “normal” for the GOP…. I guess if “normal” is batshit crazy.

@Rakielxx71 There are just a handful of good journalists writing for WaPo these days and I’ve been questioning my subscription constantly lately. That’s a National Review writer which if I wanted so see, I’d read that. Washington Post, I don’t.

The Washington Post bends over backwards anymore to whitewash and normalize Republicans’ fascism and neo-nazi associations.

Corporate media would rather a fascist government than even a center-left one, it seems. Hardly going to work out well for them.

@TonyStark I saw that headline and skipped that column entirely. "DeSantis" and "normal" don't belong in the same sentence unless you're talking about a normal curve in statistics and how far from center different Republican politicians fall from the mainstream American voter or something similar.


@MariaHill @TonyStark @Rakielxx71 DeSantis may actually be more dangerous than trump. He’s smarter, not insane and knows the system. That’s a dangerous combination for a fascist.

@MariaHill @TheBatman @TonyStark @Rakielxx71

This is what happens when you scrape down through the bottom-of-the-barrel for candidates and supporters, something Republican politicians do all the time. There are all sorts of hideous things under that barrel.

@TheBatman @MariaHill @TonyStark @Rakielxx71
I agree about Deathsantis. He seems to be Donald Trump on steroids. That being said, it would be great to move past Trump and focus on somebody that actually will respond normally. If you can call any of them normal.

@TheBatman @MariaHill @TonyStark @Rakielxx71 that’s exactly what I think. Take Brasil for as an example: Brazilians got lucky with Bolsonaro, because it was like having a fascism preview, a dry run, a simulation. Best thing to have is an dumb fascist in power to show people that fascism is a bad thing without big harm.

@TheBatman What make DeSantis absolutely more dangerous than trump is that DeSantis is a true believer in his fascist dream. trump is a grifter with no true allegiance to anything but money and popularity.

@TheBatman Yes, it is dangerous, but it can still be fought. We cannot let up on pulling the covers off of the fetid garbage heap that is the modern #GOPCrazies

@TheBatman @MariaHill @TonyStark @Rakielxx71
But will this negative, rascist, mysogynist, anti LGBTQI, culture war and conspiracy theory, us and them rhetoric, and removal of basic rights continue to gain traction?
Or are people just sick to death of Republican nonsense and start seeing better infrastructure, health, education and financial benefits from the Democratic government?
Will they keep voting against their own interests?

@GasIsTheNewCoal @TheBatman @MariaHill @TonyStark
The diehard uglies will always vote against their interests if they think it hurts the group they hate/fear. We either educate them or make them irrelevant.

@TonyStark @Rakielxx71

Gee Tony, that’s at least two of us which “don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing.

@TonyStark Republicans and their corporate allies have done a remarkable sales job in convincing the majority of this country that the media has liberal bias. I mean, I live in so-called BLUE California but there is not one liberal terrestrial radio talk show. I had to get a satellite subscription to listen to liberal talk shows.
#liberal #politics #democrat #democrat

@jmass Absolutely right. And they're still lying with impunity. Canada actually banned Fox News because of the lies and misinformation Fox perpetuates.

@wiseguyeddie @TonyStark They’ve also done a masterful job of convincing tens of millions that they are the “workers” party, while they destroy unions, pass “right to work” laws that allow employers to legally fire workers at will, suppress the minimum wage, fight against universal healthcare, wage war on welfare, give billions to corporations in grants & tax incentives … and that’s just scratching the surface.

@wiseguyeddie @TonyStark This is a sad and frustrating Truth. And yes, right here in BLUE California. I realize how much has moved online, the costs with & without subscription are there by virtue of being connected, but the lack of radio talk shows remains an important issue. The right congregate around their am radios to reinforce their fascism and be told how to think, when/how to act. No honest, intelligent talk shows anywhere on "the radio dial." Only propaganda.

@wiseguyeddie @TonyStark We definitely have to counter these hateful voices. DNC should put new pro democracy voices out there in rural areas.

@Rakielxx71 @TonyStark

WAPO is packed w/ Apologists for the Fascists aka Republicans.

Aa a former Washingtonian it is worth pointing out that Woodward is a two-bit opportunist while Bernstein was practically banished to the hinterlands of journalism for having the courage to tell the truth on Watergate and so much more that has been suppressed.

@Rakielxx71 @TonyStark Yeah I've been wondering why the press has a stiffy for this guy, who's clearly unfit to be in any position if power. Like not even homeowner association chair.

@Rakielxx71 @TonyStark Gerahty works at the National Review, something the Post appears to have left out. The Wapo is going downhill.

@TonyStark Caputo is another journo Trump enabler and apologist. The media have learned nothing.

@TonyStark The only difference I see between the GOP of old (post Reagan) and now? They’re saying the quiet part out loud. They’re now dealing in the politics of every single “ism” out there. They’re desperately trying to create the “other” for vilification. They no longer govern, they only incite violence & pump up the rhetoric to whip their “base” into a frothing frenzy. So many don’t see it this way and that’s a real danger.

@Porpentina2017 @TonyStark

Before Trump, there was a significant faction of the Republican Party who were fiscal conservatives, and who felt that too much government would stifle economic opportunity for all. 1/2

@Porpentina2017 @TonyStark

Trump proved that he could gain a plurality by legitimizing the motives of those who feared change or felt their white entitlement was slipping away. In 2016, most of the well intended R’s, just held noses and voted for him, thinking ‘how bad could it be?”. We found out: our worst nightmare. 2/2

@BobVezeau @Porpentina2017 @TonyStark
The Trump phenomena made me question the sincerity of those fiscal conservatives. Was there concern truly for economic opportunity or were that just a pretext (knowingly or otherwise) for supporting oligarchy?

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