Raphael Warnock’s Senate runoff race (Dec 6) is once again a critical one for the entire country and Georgians. Help him and them win again by supporting these Georgia-based organizations.

These are organizations doing critical election work right now across the state specifically to get out the vote for the runoff with a special emphasis on organizations that focus on and are led by women and people of color. Even a small donation will make a difference. These are the people on the ground who know how to get out the vote.

* 1000 Women Strong
* ACLU of Georgia
* Albany Voter's Coalition
* America Votes Georgia Runoff Fund
* Asian American Advocacy Fund
* Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta
* Black Voters Matter Fund 1/3

* Common Cause Georgia
* Democratic Party of Georgia
* Democratic Party County Committees
* Environmental Voter Project
* Fair Fight Action
* Georgia Alliance for Progress
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda
* Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund
* Georgia Equality
* Georgia Muslim Voter Project


* Georgia WIN List
* Georgia Working Families Party
* Georgia Youth Justice Coalition
* Indivisible Georgia Coalition
* Migrant Equity Southeast
* New Georgia Project
* Power the Vote
* Rep GA
* SONG Power
* We Vote. We Win.
* Women Engaged
* Young Democrats of Georgia

Many of these organizations also have volunteer opportunities available especially on the ground if that’s possible. Help and donate if you can or help spread the word about how to volunteer or vote on December 6th for Warnock. 3/3

@TonyStark Great info, Tony! The turnout for Georgia is looking great with lots of time left to help out before December 6th! and help save democracy.

Do not open unless you’ve seen GOTG Holiday Special! 

@TonyStark @AgentCarter_SSR @cpttrashpanda

But if you have, enjoy your Christmas arm, Rocket!

Do not open unless you’ve seen GOTG Holiday Special! 

@Nebula @TonyStark @AgentCarter_SSR I don't know how you did it Nebula, but THAT was a-MAZE-ing! I gotta know. HOW?

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark Awesome! Just finished textbanking GA voters with #VoteRiders, and a shift calling voters with GA Dems. This introvert is overcoming phonebanking phobia. Wherever we live, we can help. Woot!


I just gave $25. to 1000 women strong (1KWS)


@Brotherdog31 @TonyStark $15 to help

I know many outside of Pennsylvania helped us elect John Fetterman so I'm going to pitch in to help back.

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