It really goes to show you who Republicans are that almost all Congressional Republicans (once again) do not denounce white supremacist extremism in society as a whole let alone denounce the depraved extremism of their party’s own members. Omission is complicity in the violence and especially in the rhetoric that leads to it.

Congressional Republicans were largely silent after POLITICO revealed Donald Trump dined with white supremacist Nicholas Fuentes:

@TonyStark And Democrats forced out Al Franken. But the media treats both parties as equivalent.

@BenCisco @TonyStark Definitely seems to have gotten even worse since mixture of cable and social media and corporate ownership.

@JHadley @TonyStark Absolutely! The Fairness Doctrine only affected over the air stations; cable has never had such restrictions. Worse, the 24/7 availability of those channels and the turning of news into a 24/7 product poured gas on the fire.

It proves our long held point that Trump isn't the whole problem. Republicans as a whole are.

@ScottLang @TonyStark the Republicans had been tailoring the Tru;;p suit for over 40 years. Perfect fit.

@grbenny @ScottLang @TonyStark

trump won the hearts & soul of the Republican base merely by bluntly stating he'd do all the anti-liberty, anti-modern racist crap the Republican Party has been implying they'd do since the 1960s

The fact don's 2016 campaign rhetoric on economics was converse to policies Republican voters claimed as their motivation to support Reagan & his ilk exposes racism & religiosity as their true & only motivation

@TonyStark The majority of Republicans don’t even accept that Joe Biden won 2 years ago.

@TonyStark They are silent on the issue because many of them are white supremacists but try to appear more mainstream. The fact that Trump keeps denying he knew who Fuentes is, that he just showed up with Kanye, as opposed to denouncing Fuentes’ and his views, is all the world needs to see to know where Trump and his party stand. They did the same after Charlottesville when he said there were “very fine people” on both sides. They are the KKK without the hoods. No difference.

@TheBatman @TonyStark [Trump shrugs] I don't know him. I thought he was the coffee boy. Many people say he wasn't a good coffee boy. I mean, I asked for a hot cup of covfefe, but then he brought me a latte. The guy's a moron.

@trinitythecat @TonyStark that’s his go to excuse. Probably coming at some point this week. He thinks we’re all stupid and believe his lies. I guess all he cares about is that his base buys his lies, and sadly they still do.


I have this dilemma. Should we work to get some reasonable House GOPrs to work with the Dems to elect a reasonable Speaker, or should we just let it be the shitshow it will be with #McCarthy and #MarginalTaylorGreene as Speaker and thereby set up Dems in ’24 to ask “what did the GOP do in the last two years?”

#RepublciansInRuin #Politcs #USPolitics

@Kozmo I’m sure many people have wildly differing opinions on that but I’d like to have a Republican Party that Democrats can actually work with because it will get more things or at least have a potential to get more things done for humanity. That’s more important to me personally. Probably a pipe dream at best.

@stanstallman @TonyStark @Kozmo I think we can move in that direction with a federal law about gerrymandering. The “safe” seats ensures no accountability and a need to pander to the so-called base. I also think RCV, like in Alaska, is another pivot that might bring more moderation. Murkowski is certainly an example.

@jackiegardina @Kozmo @stanstallman I’ve talked about this before as have many people on this instance: would love to see RCV greatly expanded. Would be a big help for voter turnout which only makes democracy work better.

@TonyStark @jackiegardina @stanstallman

I agree on RCV. I'm frustrated by its current slow expansion, but there is some benefit to that. People don't understand it and are hence leery of it until they see it working elsewhere. e.g. Alaska, where Palin might have one the senate seat without RCV.


I totally agree. A democracy depends on at least two functional parties. With only a single party, R or D, the one in power is unchecked.


Oh, and one thing I'm sure we all agree on: we all don't agree on this ... or anything

@TonyStark @Kozmo if we're making wishes, let's just imagine that the Dems are the Conservative party and instead there's a Progressive party they need to work with... to help enact President Sanders' agenda.

@TonyStark @Kozmo Ideally there would be reasonable Republicans in the House. Most of them quit or were forced out. Maybe all.

@TonyStark @Kozmo Yes, the Dems need a party to work and compete against. Since one party rule will always splinter into factions, it might be a Dem party splinter group, and not the repubs that becomes the 'othet' party.

@TonyStark it's a deliberate electoral strategy.
They know what they're doing. Trump knows who Fuentes is and what he represents. The meeting wasn't a mistake. It's part of a deliberate strategy.

@TonyStark it's because their end goal is power. They can then push their fascist Christian agenda.

@TonyStark Why should Republicans start complaining about white supremacists when white supremacy is the whole subtext of the Reagan Revolution, which still going today. Just like Jim Crow was a backlash to reconstruction, Reagan Revolution was a backlash to the Civil Rights era. The backlash periods last 10x longer than the instigating events, apparently.

@TonyStark The "stable genious" pretends he doesn't know who white supremacist and antisemite Nick Fuentes is?
And Ye? He knows who he is and invites him to dinner anyway?

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