The USPS fleet is easily one of the best fits for EVs: Predictable routes, predictable miles, easy to schedule/coordinate charging, and constant stop and go with low speeds, which is perfect for regenerative braking (sends power back to the battery.)

This will have a positive impact on climate change, and reduce air pollution, noise pollution, and save money in the long run on fuel and maintenance.

Biden (and Podesta)- getting it done again. This is what a desire to govern and make things better can result in - progress. A willingness to cooperate and negotiate is crucial, of course.

Lots of people pushed back hard on the initial USPS plan keep things as they were. Thanks to everyone who pushed back.

US Postal Service fulfills top Biden climate goal with deployment of 66,000 electric delivery trucks |

@vox_n_thecosmos I really try and make my cars last and had to upgrade my decade old one last summer. Went with an EV and it’s fantastic. The one-pedal driving is fun just by itself and I probably won’t need to replace the brake pads at least for 8 to 10 years.

These are perfect for the post office and and other kind of delivery like that. It’s good news!

@TonyStark @vox_n_thecosmos Don’t you feel like you’re just wasting energy when you go back to an ICE car and the car just coasts when you take your foot off the accelerator? I do.

@Zeke @TonyStark @vox_n_thecosmos with regenerative braking the coasting car returns energy to the battery. So perhaps it would have been more precise for me to say “wasting *potential* energy.”

@vox_n_thecosmos @Zeke @Bam I knew what you meant. The feeling of harnessing the kinetic energy isn’t there.

@TonyStark @vox_n_thecosmos

We did the same when time to replace our last car. It's our "daily driver" for about 20 mile round trip commute. Charge in the garage overnight. Never have to go to a gas station, no oil changes, spark plugs, mufflers, catalytic converters, etc. to worry about. I don't think I'll ever go back to an ICE vehicle.

@TonyStark As much good stuff as you send out, I’m surprised not to have come across you on Twitter before HeWhoMustNotBeNamed took over.

@Kansascityfish Ah. Thanks! Well, I left there a few years ago. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dorsey Twitter and came to try Mastodon on the advice of a friend. I ended up running this small instance and just didn’t have time for both.

Looking at where hellbird has gone, I don’t regret it!

@TonyStark my thought originally was to try to recreate what I had on Twit. Now I see possibilities for something much better. Thanks for adding so much to the content!

@TonyStark Back in the 1970’s oil embargo, I recall going to an auto convention with my father and seeing a proposed #USPS vehicle with #RegenerativeBraking (ca. 1973). I’m very happy to see this FINALLY coming to fruition. As an aside, I own a #Nissan #Leaf - I can easily say it’s the best car I’ve ever owned (virtually zero maintenance and well over 100k miles and still no need to change the brake pads!).

@TonyStark I found the following documentation from 1978!
“The U.S. Postal Service and the Department of Energy have jointly developed and installed a flywheel system in a 1/4 ton electric postal delivery vehicle. “

@walkonh20 @TonyStark I ran my Prius to over 300k miles before I had to change brake pads.


When all is said and done, there was a lot more accomplished by the Biden administration the past two years than anyone could have predicted.

And it’s all things that will benefit everyone, even those who didn’t vote for him. Republicans have nothing positive to show us that they’ve lead on, yet again.

Thats the difference between leaders and despot. Biden knows that if we don't pull this ship around we all fail. There is no political gain to be had when the entire system critically tips and can't recover. Biden knows that, and seemingly cares about it.

MOST of the Republicans that are aware of it - just don't care. They aren't equipped to deal with the true failure, and most of them seem to think they can ride it out. They won't be able to. Foreign interests are already securing there positions and reinforcing their positions.

The level of interest in our country has been long and very high. We have a few pretty unique resources and we're positioned very favorably. Bribing leadership and eroding democracy is way more effective than just coming in and shooting us. I feel like Biden understands that.

@MJ @TonyStark

@MJ @TonyStark If I recall correctly, he said at the start he'd be a president for both those who voted for him and those who didn't.

@MJ @TonyStark

It's the quiet competence. I like it in my own work life and find it a better way to operate, my work speaks for itself. However, I'm not sure if it's an effective strategy for a president, party and reelection.
He needs a hype-person. Or maybe us, we need to talk more about his accomplishments.

@TonyStark Awe, sweet! Was chatting with my mail carrier about this and I could hear the pride in her voice. Caring for people while caring for the planet is my happy place.

@TonyStark The Auto Workers Union was also part of the pushback on DeJoy's initial decision, Tony, which you might know. These will all be built at a union plant in Oshkosh. Very cool.

@TonyStark some locations were given electric Royal Mail vans some years ago, but they chose the locations badly, giving them to areas with high mileages. So they’d be able to come back and say they don’t work. 🤡


The pervasive attitude of "it won't be perfect, so don't do it at all" is so defeatist. Changing over the vehicles we can, even if they're not perfect, and even if we only get a small percentage is better than doing nothing.

Cars didn't replace horses overnight, either.

Thanks for highlighting this … it really is a BFD. And bc Biden slapped down DeJoy, which is a moral victory and a lot of fun to watch.

@TonyStark this is LOOOOOOONG overdue and I'm THRILLED its happening! PR for electric cars is important, and the gov declaring part of their fleet to be electric means a more stable market for EVs! Itll normalize them too. Not expensive Teslas full of fancy gadgets but just the mail carrier's lil put put car.

@subrote @TonyStark A lot more of us should be driving “lil put put cars”. I like my Nissan Leaf, but even the dealer agreed with me that it often feels like you’re driving a computer on wheels.

@grammasaurus @TonyStark if i had a reliable place to charge it I'd love an EV. All I do is run errands 99% of the time.

@grammasaurus @TonyStark except the lease for our car ran out during the pandemic when renewing to something greener would have cost us upwards of 80K just to start. So we basically had to buy out the lease and either run it into the ground or turn around and gouge some poor bastard for the cash to dump into a dealership for another one.

Sooo im running this bitch into the ground. Its a subaru station wagon. Its uh. Its gonna take a hot minute.

@TonyStark @subrote
I’m curious what area you live in. My town (15,000 people) has several charging stations, but some communities nearby have none. I added a 220v charger in my garage figuring the next person who buys this house will need it too.

@grammasaurus @TonyStark i live in a tiny shitty apartment. Our hot water doesn't always work, let alone having charging stations to park at. They'd probably be ripped out by scrappers anyways =/

@TonyStark @subrote
Aargh. That’s a big problem for cities, but maybe other countries have solutions? I dunno.

@subrote @TonyStark Fleet vehicles used for local delivery returning to recharge overnight is efficiency at scale— hooked into grid on weekends all that storage could be loaned out and then returned for work Monday AM— win-win-win

@dana @TonyStark Thats the awesome thing about diversifying our power infrastructure! Instead of a monolith doing everything you can get synergy from multiple systems handling tasks they're each better at and leaving the things theyre weak on to the other systems to do more efficiently!


@subrote @TonyStark It is renewable energy plus battery storage plus software
It is a two way communications and energy system
A decentralized smart grid— its coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

@dana @TonyStark and its an actual job creator. A multi-platform system needs multiple kinds of techs and engineers to keep it running, not just one generalist.

Oh ive been waiting for this kinda shit since 2005, im stoked.

@subrote @TonyStark I see the same reality. Imagine you have a little self contained microgrid in Gila Bend you also now have community income to support community members
Instead of shipping money back to Corporate HQ

@dana @subrote @TonyStark

Makes me wonder about the potential efficiency of having the fleet drive up a large hill at the end of their day, possibly using solar power accumulated during the day.

As I write this, it sounds zero-sum. I am neither a math nor a physic whiz. But I did get an A in both.

@TonyStark although Britain's Royal Mail is struggling with poor industrial relations as a consequence of the flawed decision to privatise the service, they are at least also deploying more electric vans (I see them on the roads every day)

@TonyStark in the same breath - the feds aren’t supporting manufacture of much needed distribution transformers in the appropriations - so this fleet basically may not have anywhere to charge… can’t charge if the grid can’t support it. Horse way before the cart at this point.

@TonyStark You are my idea of what a good SMP should be and do. (Social Media Pundit). You invest time in informing people of not just the event or topic, but also it's impact. And you are always concise about it. Well played, sir.

Thanks for that Tony! Gonna have to get an alarm on my mailbox since I won’t hear the postman coming and going.

@TonyStark Best thing I learned from this is that they're replacing those Grumman trucks that did not have AC but still only got 10 mpg. So it's like win-win for mail carriers health and safety *and* a giant carbon savings.

@TonyStark while I certainly applaud the initiative, I still feel as though ev's miss the mark on sustainability efforts due to the simple fact of where most electricity is sourced.

Many states still rely on coal and fossil fuels to provide electricity, and the inevitable switch to electric vehicles by the masses will produce an exuberant demand for such poorly sourced power.

@wrd4riri @mmalc I do love when people come and fix things for me before I can get there. Thanks!

@TonyStark @wrd4riri @mmalc
I don't block the people posting climate change disinformation posts like that yet since they haven't started trolling me on here, but I was reporting them before the #TwitterMigration made life that much more difficult on the moderators.

There are still relatively few on here as far as I've noticed thankfully.

@wrd4riri @GreenFire @TonyStark

I’ll try to be generous on this one and think that it was perhaps aggravated if well-intentioned ignorance rather than wanton misinformation, but (for me personally at least) there are numerous perspectives on the issue and I’ll try to get back to the in a broader-scope comment if I have time later today

@mmalc @TonyStark thank you for that. That helped to assuage some of my fears and apprehensions on electric vehicles. As a fan of urban planning and contemporary urbanism, I'm naturally averse to cars in general

@wrd4riri @TonyStark Even if that's true, burning fossil fuels in one giant plant makes much more sense than in a million little vehicles. For one, it's much easier to keep clean.

@TonyStark If I recall well they were supposed to have even more vehicles and go all electric but they rolled back on that and reduced their targets ?

@TonyStark lol @ anyone coming at this not knowing about the current set of bombs with wheels. do they even have a theory yet on why they (Grumman LLV) catch fire?

@TonyStark I saw this and my thought was dreaming bigger:

Once USPS builds chargers, they could open them to the public at energy cost+1-3% per hr.

This would not only raise $ but instantly create a large EV infrastructure in 31k locations, including multiple in major cities. A very good start, IMO.

It's probably just a dream with DeJoy doing as little as possible, but good policy has to come from somewhere, right?

@TonyStark This is great. I truly don't understand why people criticize the USPS for not being a profit center -- I mean come on, it's a public service, it doesn't need to make a profit. Let's provide a public service, lose a ton of money, and call it a day. This is how almost every other public service is treated (public safety, infrastructure, etc.). No reason USPS should be treated as a business.

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