A kakistocracy is a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.

The Republican Party has spent decades destroying the competence, character, principles, morals, ethics, and reliability of our government, which is really supposed to be there to do the people's work.

Kevin McCarthy, the great Republican empty suit with nary a thought in his mind, desperately seeks the Speakership and wants to be Lord of the GOP House Flies.

If Republicans bring this much chaos to even electing a speaker, they cannot be counted on to fulfill the body’s basic responsibilities let alone the more complex tasks. Kevin McCarthy has already promised to refuse to fulfill the body's basic responsibilities. He and his supporters seek to disrupt and defame, not govern.

This is what happens you vote Republican.

The real reason the chaos in the House should scare us-

@TonyStark You'd think Americans would have learned by now. We sure haven't. Why do we keep voting these clowns into office?

@Ijio @TonyStark The news keeps pulling the wool over the citizens eyes. We don't have an independent news media. It is owned by those who wish to break the government.

@Ijio @TonyStark In Florida DeathSantis gerrymandered so much we are doomed!

McCarthy does not have the leadership skills or intellectual skills to be Speaker of the House.

He’s not respected. His attempts to make a deal with Republican radicals demonstrate his inability to be respected for his leadership. They can’t keep the loopy Freedom Caucus in line. They can’t govern.

@Pepper @TonyStark I don’t think intellect is high on the GOP priority list.

@roundabout @Pepper @TonyStark

You’re right that intellect isn’t high on their priority list. But they used to pretend it was.

The right-wing has spent untold amounts of dark-money on bs “studies,” to give their greedy, inhumane and blatantly racist, sexist and homophobic policies an air of credibility.

The tea party take-over and their embrace of Trump showed they’re just flat-out racist, and destroyed all their intellectual posturing once & for all.


OTOH, when Nancy Pelosi faced a similar challenge two years ago, she had the skill and strength to come to a consensus within her caucus and avoid an unseemly airing of dirty laundry on the House floor. Just sayin'

@nastynana16 You are right.

She knew how to bring people along, how to herd the cats and keep business moving forward.

@nastynana16 @Pepper
Exactly right, and I haven't noticed very much discussion on how much more diverse ideologies there are on the left side of the aisle compared to on the right either.

@nastynana16 @Pepper

I don't want McCarthy as Speaker, and by no means am I putting down Pelosi's skill at building a consensus, but she was dealing with people way less batshit than the MAGA traitors blocking the Speaker votes.

@unixorn @Pepper

And she has the spine McCarthy lacks that would allow her to stand up to those lunatics and neutralize their impact.

@nastynana16 @Pepper And they ran over the Republicans again and again. (Mitch, too)

@TonyStark The republicans are finally turning on each other as could be expected. Yet they continue within each faction to exhibit the belief that governance equals ruling, and ruling belongs to white, rich fathers. Unfortunately Reagan and Nixon’s generation raised self absorbed, lazy, useless male crybabies incapable of zipping up their fly let alone solving complex problem.

@TonyStark Sadly those who need to read this will never make the effort. They just don't care enough. They scream about all politicians being "bad."

I usually respond that all take the side that doesn't want to take away my social security and Medicare.

@statmonkey Probably true but I like talking to people who share my views like yourself. I think sometimes these exchanges can help others with talking points and they do keep me going when I’m out doing the more up close GOTV work.

@TonyStark I agree it's reaffirming. Sanity is in short supply in Arkansas

@vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark The people who voted for these jerks--what are they saying?

@MoiraEve @vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark The sad reality is they think that yhis behavior is appropriate. The educated among us know that this dysfunction is not only dangerous, it makes our country look like we’re a bunch of morons. Rachel Maddow has been preaching for years that people should support their local newspapers. If people really are interested in news, start there and not the corporate billionaire owned TV and radio stations.

@therichierichaye @MoiraEve @vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark

Most of them, if not all, are from "safe" Republican districts. Obviously not safe from Qrazies. All they have to do is win the primary (tho Boebert almost blew her November race).

Primaries are all about turnout. The loonies came out to vote in the spring based on punishing the election-denier deniers (see what I did there?)

In November a lot of moderates and Indies crossed over to vote against these extremists, but not enough. #SAD

@therichierichaye @MoiraEve @vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark

1. We need fair non-partisan maps. Repugs would never own a majority again.

2. We need massive voter turnout in every election, even "R-safe" districts, to avoid the rise of the lunatic fringe.

3. We need to short-circuit rage and replace it with common sense and best interests.

@therichierichaye @vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark The theft and destruction of our local newspapers by vulture capitalists such as Alden Global Capital is indeed horrendous. John Nichols of The Nation has also relentlessly been covering this sad story. I encourage my followers to support their free press by paying for at least one paper they normally read online a gratis.

@vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark Better that they screech to a halt than go forward with a destructive agenda. Every day without them in power is a better day.

@vox_n_thecosmos @ICareAboutTheWorld That’s the problem and one that cannot be ignored. We actually need a functioning government.

@vox_n_thecosmos @TonyStark Yes, of course you are right. If they change the rules to be able to call a new speaker vote whenever they want they will effectively shut things down over and over. It's untenable.


In a better world, moderates in the Republican Party (if there are any of those left) would see this as an opportunity to leave the extremists high-and-dry by forming a coalition-of-the-reasonable with the Democrats.
That would do so much to heal America and to preserve democracy but I don’t expect it because, well, you can imagine.

@Heimdall @TonyStark
They already screwed themselves by not ending this BS sooner. Now if they try they just get primaried by someone crazier.
They don't really have any ideology except money and power for themselves. Most of them would probably claim to be communists if they thought it would achieve that.

@Heimdall @TonyStark There is no such thing as a “moderate” Republican. They’re. Nazis.

@Heimdall @TonyStark Moderate Repugnants had Trump handed to them to dispose of on a silver platter from the impeachment hearings. They bent over for Orange Mussolini. I don't see any of them jumping the Fascism ship now . They have zero integrity.

@TonyStark he does not need any help to be speaker from democrats. Ever. Not even after 133 rounds.

When they want to take down government we need to understand this means ceding power to the giant corporations and the .01%.

@TonyStark This isn't what happens when you vote Republican. This is what happens when there's a narrow majority and only a Kevin McCarthy to lead it.

If the man possessed leadership, this wouldn't be an issue. If the Democrat administration weren't incompetent, this also wouldn't be an issue.

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