I've seen and heard a few comments saying Brazil's situation "resembles” the U.S. January 6 attack. It's worse than that.

It was inspired by and consciously modeled on the American insurrection. The GOP is no longer a pro-democracy party. They have been for years trying to destroy faith in our democracy and those around the world, undermine our institutions, and gain power to end our democracy.

They are a clear and present danger to our way of life, liberty, freedoms, and rights.

Many Americans used to believe our country was a beacon of freedom and democracy for the world. Republicans turned us into a beacon of how to stage a coup.

All of us need to come to grips with this. We need to act. We need to work to stop them. We need to organize at all levels. This certainly won’t be the last they have inspired.

What the Rioters in Brazil Learned From Americans-

THIS! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

“Many Americans used to believe our country was a beacon of freedom and democracy for the world. Republicans turned us into a beacon of how to stage a coup.”

@grammasaurus @TonyStark Yes. I was just thinking that.... This doesn't feel like the place I grew up in.. It's always had its problems but this is just beyond. So Brazil nails the insurrectionists right off the bat.. their ousted criminal holes up HERE in kahoots with the leaders involved in ours to avoid prosecution? What the What! 😡.. Meanwhile here ZERO high level indictments. Extradite the crook back to Brazil and indict Trump & his Congressional criminals. Screw optics.. Save Democracy!

2 words: Steve. Bannon.
His fingerprints are on EVERY anti-Democratic movement on Earth.

@TonyStark Well said Tony.
We definitely need to push for more organization at all levels. People seem to forget that local elections, even at the school board level, impacts everyone.
Besides organizing and all doing our part, the ‘adults in the room’ (like Garland et al.) need to hurry it up! I understand they need to have all their i’s dotted and t’s crossed, but I’m really frustrated and concerned about the amount of time trump and his co-conspirators have had to do more damage!

@TrisResists @TonyStark Sorry but I think Merrick Garland is a wash. He's worthless. Our only hope is Jack Smith.

@NaturaArtisMagistra @TrisResists @TonyStark

There would be no Jack Smith if Garland hadn’t appointed him.

Posts like this make no sense.

@TrisResists @TonyStark @just_alex But you notice Merrick APPOINTED JACK RATHER THAN DO THE JOB HIMSELF. Sorry, I disagree with you. Merrick COULD HAVE DONE THE JOB.

@just_alex @NaturaArtisMagistra @TrisResists

A Special Counsel was necessary.

“Such an appointment underscores the Department's commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters. It also allows prosecutors and agents to continue their work expeditiously, and to make decisions indisputably guided only by the facts and the law.”

Appointment of a Special Counsel | OPA | Department of Justice-

@TonyStark @NaturaArtisMagistra @TrisResists

Thank you. I have low/no tolerance for attacks on public servants doing their jobs, to the best of their abilities, under incredibly difficult circumstances (the Trump cabal trying to kill them).

If you’re reading this, and want to help that, do it in someone else’s timeline…I’m not the follow for you.

I support AG Garland.
I support the DoJ.

@just_alex @NaturaArtisMagistra @TrisResists The workings of these departments are complex. I’m sure many people would like things to happen according to their own timeline and how they think they should be but unfortunately we wouldn’t want that in the reverse situation. So we follow the law.

@Raven47 @TonyStark @NaturaArtisMagistra @TrisResists

The Special Counsel will do his work, in his time.

That’s good enough for me.
If that’s not good enough for you, unfollow me.

@just_alex @NaturaArtisMagistra @Raven47 @TrisResists We only had enough Pym particles for the trips through time in Endgame so I have no way of knowing.

@TrisResists @TonyStark Me too! If a gunman had made it into Congress and killed multiple people, I'm betting Capital Crimes would have been doled out with maximum efficiency.

This is a real possibility the next time around. Are they not paying attention?

@TonyStark You're so right! The GOP ist taking away democracy, piece by piece destroying it, 'til it's all gone😢😢

@TonyStark I'd still like to hope that all Republicans aren't anti-democracy. For sure there too many that just want to shut it down (watch out debt ceiling)but aren't most able to think clearly? Maybe not.

@thusband @TonyStark The ones in control of the Republican party are anti democracy.

@thusband @TonyStark
As white and Christian inch closer to becoming a minority in this country, they will increasingly become fascists. I think about how the signs were there, growing up in the Reagan years, with rhetoric like "real America", but some half baked election conspiracy just wasn't plausible back then. Their sense of urgency and desperation is the only actual difference between then and now.


Noticed one of the Justices from the Brazilian Supreme Court ordered Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter to block 18 profiles linked to extremists involved in Sunday's "riots."

Does the U.S. Supreme Court have the power to do something like that?


@Gleng2 Interesting, Glen. The right wingers on ours wouldn’t be interested in quieting extremists since a coup plotter is married to one.


👍 👍 👍

It's an extraordinary move to say the least. Can you imagine our court trying to throw it's weight around like that here? Honestly, I'm not sure whether such power is good or bad; in this case, to silent an active government takeover it can be argued that its needed - who else could do it?

The notion of blocking soc media accts by the Exec Branch is also interesting - of course, the danger is it could be the branch behind the attempted takeover (as is much too familiar).

@Gleng2 I’m not sure it’s good, either. A balance of power with checks and balances is best, right? I’m 100% for accountability for social media platforms for truth and public safety. Fine line.

@TonyStark @Gleng2 But it’s Karl Popper’s paradox: the one thing a tolerant society must not tolerate is intolerance.

Our tolerance is being weaponised against us, and we are letting it happen because we are uncomfortable suppressing anyone, however dangerous their message. We are in danger of dying on that hill!

@KimSJ @TonyStark

Good point. There must be a kind of balance somewhere to ensure that we survive, but where?

Strictly Institutionally, it may just not be possible.

At some point, this balance lies within one someone, somewhere, or a group of someone's. At some point, I think it comes down to good character - emphasizing the importance of electing leaders with good character.

But what then, when those with bad character are able to gain election into these critical positions?

@Gleng2 @TonyStark Attractive lies can seduce voters.

This is why I think we need laws (in many countries, but particularly in UK and US) criminalising “deliberately or recklessly misleading the public”.

If politicians and the media are allowed to get away with blatant lies, voters’ choices are meaningless, and democracy is dead.

@KimSJ @TonyStark

I do agree with this in principle, but what about enforcement? And from whom, and for whom? And ulterior motives working in a judicial system that is already flawed.

Isn't that where this gets sticky?

Will it just be whomever is in power that gets to determine what's true?

@Gleng2 @TonyStark I agree, it’s eyewateringly difficult to get censorship right, but “it’s dangerous so we should not even try” is a disaster in the making. It’s also not accurate. We already have laws against defamation, and against revealing state secrets, so we have already accepted the principle that some things should not be said in public. We just need to broaden slightly the things society is not prepared to tolerate.

@KimSJ @Gleng2 I have a hard time keeping up with all my notifications, but allow me to be clear that I personally don’t tolerate intolerance and that this instance isn’t a free speech one in the least.

@Gleng2 @TonyStark i bet even if wasn't legal/unconstitutional, depending on skin color, religious or leftist beliefs of persons involved, SCOTUS will swiftly allow that to happen under disguise of some bs reasoning

@htpcnz @TonyStark Good point. Just about any reading of any document can be bent to fit one's point of view. Again, that's why character matters and is so important. And considering that the last three were picked by someone who attempted to undermine our entire system...

@TonyStark It would help if our media would stop referring to McCarthy’s House members as “Moderates”. A huge chunk of their caucus voted against certifying the election. Even before that, for decades they have been engaged in extreme racial gerrymandering. I am sick of hearing Nancy Mace complain about the extremists in her party when she owes her seat to an antidemocratic seizure of power via racial gerrymandering as recently proven in court.

@JenX I agree.

These are not conservatives. How about anti-democracy authoritarians, grifters, seditionists, fascists, Putinists, theocrats, and unrepentant outright liars? Any and all of these terms are far more accurate descriptions.

@JenX @TonyStark A lot of this stems from the fact that the GOP seized control of the Overton window in the Reagan era, so every time they further radicalize as a party, there's a tendency to pretend like we're still in the same old 2-party system we used to be.

I think the Dems' tent has gotten a little better at dealing with that in recent years (the progressives not being afraid to bring up progressive issues, which e.g. helps to normalize concepts like socialized medicine), but are so behind in controlling the narrative that it's hard to see the needle move

@JenX @TonyStark 100% this. They just voted through an extremist House rules package as well, anyone saying they're "moderate" is doing it for rhetoric when it's the votes that matter. #uspol


"By far the most important weapon that the United States of America has ever wielded—in defense of democracy, in defense of political liberty, in defense of universal rights, in defense of the rule of law—was the power of example. In the end, it wasn’t our words, our songs, our diplomacy, or even our money or our military power that mattered. It was rather the things we had achieved../"

See the House of Representatives for the next 2 years as an example of how scary this is.

@statmonkey @TonyStark

Not clear where you are going with this?

US democracy has always been a representative democracy. Who is being represented is the question?

In my view, representative of oligarchs and corporations. Which suggests fascism.

@TonyStark at least many are being detained. The problem Brazil faces is how to rebuild its democracy.

@TonyStark This has American fingerprints all over it. Apparently exporting terrorism has become profitable.

@TonyStark QANON is dangerous because first, it's stupid, and 2nd, it's wireless and speechless. Everywhere around the world are idiots believing it because it's on the NET. Qanon being MAGA fascists we get the spreading of hate worldwide! Arrest the fucking traitor already! And all his minions too!

@TonyStark replace gop with capital and you'll be closer to the truth

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