I obviously need to pin a post about this again which is forcing me to create a new one.

Nobody on social media owes anyone else an explanation for how and what they post. Nobody needs to roll up and tell people what and how to post.

Nobody owes anyone else an explanation for how they present themselves online, most especially anyone in a marginalized or threatened group. Nobody should have to share or be forced to share any more information about themselves than they want.

People usually come to a social media platform to meet like-minded people and relieve stress, not make new stress. Give people a break.

We have moderation rules. They’re reasonable. We stick to them.

And if you don’t like it, just don’t follow me or anyone on this instance. We don’t care. We’re fine. You don’t need to tell us.

We’re way past explaining it. We’re just going to block you.

@TonyStark Bravo Tony, well said. Don’t like it, don’t follow me or block me, but DON’T tell me what or how to post on social media. My profile states what I’m about, don’t like it then just walk away, but don’t deliberately cause strife. I live my live, have my opinions, you have yours. I won’t try to change you and you give me the same courtesy.

@Porpentina2017 Every day lately it is like lately this after years of peace. Most of the people who are around, like you, Tina, have known me awhile and we’ve been through enough. I don’t mind differences of opinion but a simple thread where people are enjoying themselves needs to be left alone. Common courtesy should still exist. It’s not hard.

Seems analogous to the cretins crawling from under rocks, "joining" the repub party, and tben calling all the long-time repubs "RINOs"

@TonyStark It just seems ridiculous to me that someone would try to insert their opinion as what’s “right” where it was never requested. Sometimes people lack common sense and decorum these days. It extends past social media too. I got honked at today because I was turning right off of a busy street. I’d turned on my signal almost a block away from the turn. #Respect #CommonCourtesy

@Porpentina2017 Funny as I was thinking about the traffic thing as I watched someone give a person turning out a doctor’s office yesterday all of 0 seconds to stop and started leaning on the horn.

The MAGA comments don’t surprise me anymore. The ones that consistently do are the ones coming from others who at least self-describe as liberal or left or progressive.

How are we all going to live in a cooperative, decent society if people cannot be commonly courteous to a stranger? The incident that set off this post wasn’t even a political discussion or anything, just some person who apparently thinks themselves above everyone and felt the need to troll on a thank you to supporters post.

This isn’t an isolated case. Just one that was especially egregious in a long line. Why we can’t have nice things isn’t just on the right wingers, unfortunately.

@KLB @TonyStark I am too, it seems that people are living in their own bubbles and not aware of their rudeness or lack of attention to everyone else.

@TonyStark Same day, different incident. I parked in a spot at a store where I had to get some shopping done. I went inside, did my return & shopped around. I spent about an hour in the store & when I returned, I found the car next to me had left me exactly (I measured) 9 inches to get into my car. The distance between my driver’s side mirror & theirs was 3 inches. I couldn’t get in my driver’s side door. The driver acted surprised that she’d parked that close & NEVER apologized.

> How are we all going to live in a cooperative, decent society if people cannot be commonly courteous to a stranger?

This is the part I wish more people would see. This is one of the underlying issues. United we stand, divided we fall wasn't just good advice - it was prophetic.


@mentallyalex @TonyStark @Porpentina2017 I have serious doubts about anyone who wants to demotivate others that way. They need to look inside and take responsibility for being a better person.

@TonyStark @Porpentina2017
My parents lived with me while my 84-yr-old dad recovered from radiation treatments for NHL. He had to learn to walk & drive again. I began giving him “driving lessons” when he was able to walk 1/2 mile. He & I had been impatient (but not rude) drivers. That changed immediately. I was shocked by how rude other drivers were even tho’ a sticker on his car indicated he was handicapped. “Until it happens to you.”

@TonyStark @Porpentina2017

I’m not beyond being triggered by right-wing posts of (faux) sanctimony.

When I have to, I write out a response, usually deleting before posting, then blocking (to avoid future issues). As I’ve learned from experience, interacting with them is never worth it.

@TonyStark I agree 100% and am giving you a standing ovation.

@Cognac Thank you and thanks for the follow. I give special preference to animals.

@TonyStark I wonder if people are trying to be helpful and don't realize how long you (and most on your instance) have been around on various platforms, or are they just lost and need to go back to the bad bird?

@ncw413 I’m not sure. I try and give people the benefit of the doubt and this is going into year 7. I also try and boost the work and opinions of others and am definitely not here to serve myself.

Today some person who’s newer to this platform decided to jump in on a a thank you I wrote to supporters and wrote a very rude reply to numerous people on this instance. Just uncalled for, considering.

I don’t mind the negativity towards me, but I very much dislike it when people who I’m responsible for here are dragged in.

Thanks for the reply, Nancy.

@TonyStark I came with the "Great Migration" and I need this space to not be hostile. A lot of us feel like we are still healing from the awfulness. Had my first rude reaction to a thread I was on, first thought was to shred the guy, so easy to do, but I was calm and inclusive and the guy favorited my response.! Almost starting crying. Whether it's trying to engage, or blocking it's worth the effort here.

@TonyStark @ncw413

I was never on twitter, and to be completely honest, it didn't occur to me there are people who were here as long as 7 years ago. I always tread carefully, online and in the world, so no worries from here about rude anything.

Mastodon is my respite from Zukerberg and friends.

@TonyStark This happens on every social media app. The first ones there always rag on ones that come later. I guess they feel like it's there's because they were there first. Just the same ol' same ol'.

@TrapperJohn I have a real leaning towards people who inhabit characters, which probably doesn’t surprise anyone today. I don’t think we’ve run across a Trapper John yet, which is a very cool choice.

@TrapperJohn In this case it’s people who have been on Mastodon for two months telling people who have been here for years what and how to post. New friends are always welcome but no one ever needs someone new showing up and telling them they’re running their own instance wrong. Don’t read us or respond to us if you don’t like us. There’s a big internet out there. Talk to other people you like better. @TonyStark

@TrapperJohn @TonyStark @MariaHill Perhaps no one is talking to these people to begin with, however, we do not want to hear it, either. I have been online like this for quite some time.

@MariaHill @TonyStark Well said and I can certainly relate having just started my own small instance.

@TonyStark I’ve had a wonderful experience on here thus far & love the vibe. I definitely don’t miss the bird crap……I did have a man mansplain Mansplaining to me & that was fun. 😂🤣😂


I've only been attacked ONCE in here


I may not agree with everything everyone says

That's freaking kindergarten playground stuff

I don't feel the need to argue

I may feel the need to ASK

Unless they're still eating play-doh

Some people are still pre-K, sadly

@gotklss2 Thank you. It’s like an hourly thing for me which is irritating enough but as I said to another user earlier, when people start dragging a pile of people in a tag in, that’s really over the line.

Life is hard enough.

We used to do fun things like follow Fridays and hashtag promotion. You can’t do it anymore without some jerk chiming in, 9 times out of 10 a straight, older white guy. Which probably sounds bad but as others here can attest, true.


I know a few, too

I'll FOREVER be thankful dad realized before he died how bad tfg is

He read and wasn't *dazzled*

Too many don't want to educate themselves


ONLY WANT to be angry and confrontational

Which is a poisonous way to be

I don't wonder how many would be at a KKKlan meeting soon

I still like me and piece by piece I'll keep trying to chisel in to people who will listen

A piece at a time

Not to someone else's problem children

Block is easier



She's an 18 year old man whore who chose to live with me at 7 weeks

And I adore her

Thank you, Tony 🤗

#TheWayToAGirlsHeartIsThruHerPussyCat 😜

@gotklss2 @TonyStark same here. Responded to their post, was told to F off. OK, no problem. My first and only block so far (since Nov).

@TonyStark I’ve had to tell people basically that a couple of times on here. I scroll on by EXCEPT when people are judgmental and whining about what other platforms you’re on and what you post. I then give my opinion.

@TonyStark Yes, I'm tired of explaining why I still post to twitter, while still being vocal about wanting more people to realize we have an opportunity to make something better than Twitter ever was. That said, I realize you're probably speaking in broader terms about something I'm unaware of that transcends the Twitter controversies.

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