By removing the ability to acknowledge slavery and racism in American society, Ron DeSantis and people like him eventually want to get to a point where students are never made aware that being treated unfairly is wrong. Because that's the society they need - one following their ideology without opposition.

Overbearing parents and legislators should turn their attention elsewhere because, to paraphrase certain scholars from the last millennium, those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. In most disciplines, progress is made by moving forward out of our comfort zones to confront our fears, overcome obstacles, and open our minds to new ideas to question and to gather more information for further questioning. Unless reasonable people can deter this wave of ignorance, the current generation of students in certain school districts and future generations will remain ignorant.

Ron DeSantis — white supremacy’s helicopter parent -

Ms. Marcus is exactly right.

It is interesting that the initial objections are racial and assume that no Black woman is qualified. No one has raised any issues with the quality of the legal work performed by anyone on the presumed short list. Meanwhile, the GOP has foisted appointees on the US who have questionable ethical pasts, extreme religious fervor, and extraordinarily sheltered upbringings. The quality of the legal work by most of the GOP appointees is transparently biased, disregards the work of their great Court predecessors, and has done some real disservice to the rights of the ordinary citizen.

The real likelihood is that Biden's appointee will have a stature which is far greater than the current gang of GOP hacks on the Court.

Opinion | The carping over Biden’s Supreme Court pledge is historically inaccurate and racially tinged:
What about candidate Reagan saying "it is time for a woman" before nominating Sandra Day O'Connor?-

Thank you, President Biden!

How is leasing to a Chilean company next to a popular tourist attraction, Indigenous land, and a wildlife refuge "America First"? (It wasn't.)

Biden administration cancels two Minnesota mining leases granted under Trump:

We need more Justices on the Supreme Court or term limits. The country should not go into freak-out mode every time someone dies or retires there.

If Mitch McConnell thinks he has even one thing to say about a President choosing a Supreme Court Justice other than yes.

Great news unless they appeal to a higher court, and that's likely.

This case and the underlining issues are today's reminder: In the Trump/GOP, democracy is to be limited to a select few chosen by Republicans. And restricting free speech, denying civil rights, and acting like repressive regimes like China and Russia is exactly what they're trying to do.

DeSantis has all the same fascist impulses that Trump has, but he's not nearly as dumb. He is very, very dangerous.

And America remains in constant peril as long as there are Republicans like this in office.

Judge Issues Stinging Free Speech Ruling Against University of Florida:

Yes, this would be nice if everyone actually had N95s but until then, I'd hang on.

"Clear off-ramps were not implemented up front, meaning that there has never been an end in sight." Um, okay.

Very irresponsible of the virus to not tell us up front how long it planned to stay around.

Opinion | Schools can now safely make masks optional with the CDC’s new guidelines-
N95 respirators will protect people regardless of what others are doing:

Honestly, I feel like DeSantis just wants people to die. He just seems so committed to that cause. How else can one explain him fighting so hard against basic facts, basic science, and basic public health measures?

Going quite a bit further, DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw on Monday night even promoted a claim by a conservative conspiracy theorist that “the FDA is trying to make it so that people in Florida die of Covid..."

DeSantis is doing a great job of that all by himself and needs no help from the FDA.

By Tuesday morning, she promoted another baseless claim that the decision was made “so Fauci-Pfizer can get a few extra points in the stock market.”

Hmmm, isn't DeSantis the one who got massive campaign contributions from his biggest donor whose company owns a big stake in Regereron???

Oh, looky, it's right here in writing -

DeSantis blasts halt in antibody treatments even as drugmakers say they don’t work on omicron:

Randomized double blind studies don't lie. The data doesn't lie. The ICU's filled mostly with the unvaccinated don't lie.

Guess who does?

Terrifying, isn't it? Normally, I would be fine with letting them have their echo chamber. Really, I support the right of the stupid to do what they want as long as it hurts no one else. Truly don't have enough caring left in me.

But this misinformation literally kills people and erodes one of the only defenses we have against infectious diseases.

I'm so proud right now. Not.

It's not worth it sacrifice yourself to a completely misguided political movement that doesn't have any of your real interests in mind.

The Anti-vaccine Right Brought Human Sacrifice to America:

It's not an attack on the press if a President says Peter Doocy is a stupid son of a bitch.

If anything, Biden's keeping his campaign promise to bring truth and honesty back to the White House.

Because they'd lose what's left of most of their voters if they did.

They've already signaled that once in power, they wouldn't focus on covid, inflation or the climate, but on demonizing immigrants, impeaching the President, and sowing chaos.

Here's a more comprehensive list:

-Ending OSHA.

-Deconstructing the IRS and Postal Service even further.

-Killing (so to speak) gun safety legislation.

-Ending the Weather Service.

-Ending the Census Bureau.

-Undermining the NIH and the CDC.

-Banning most immigration to this country.

-Eliminating the filibuster because Mitch won't ever need to use it.

-Give a small number of white Americans the entirely new country they've been waiting for so long: no abortion, no public education, no public health, no more elections.

I could go on, but my Cynical Juice Distiller is on the fritz again. There's something wrong with it, but I don't know what.

Opinion | Republicans are embarrassed to tell us what they are for:

For a year now, Republicans like Ernst have been saying that blue states are more restrictive on voting opportunities than red states. It was bullshit then and it's still bullshit now.

Reporters besides Jennifer Rubin and a handful of others need to find out what the truth is and, you know, REPORT on it.

Opinion | The media fails to challenge Joni Ernst’s paltry excuses for voting subversion :

Glenn Youngkin claims he wants to let parents choose, but then he conspicuously ignores the parents who want to choose to send their children to a safe school that follows rational COVID protocols, e.g. one that requires masks in indoor spaces. It's obvious that he doesn’t want to let all parents choose, only those parents who agree with his Trumpian, not-based-in-reality views.

He also is not seeking to unite. He could have left this policy on masks in schools in place with a minimum of fanfare. Instead, he provokes more divisive culture wars, increases the likelihood of school quarantines or closures, and puts the health of teachers, children, and their families at increased risk to pander to the anti-reality crowd.

By the time he's done, Youngkin should ensure that Dems win every statewide election for a generation to come.

He's a radical right winger from looney town.

Youngkin’s mask-optional order divides Virginia schools and parents, threatening chaos:

A man who loses and cannot admit it is clearly not a strongman.

Also, belligerence isn’t strength.

Plus, I think we’d all rather have deterrence through strength than “toughness” in the form of gross incompetence.

Media guys, get it through your heads: a strongman will put you and your loved ones in real, serious danger, along with almost everyone else. Why the hell do you want one so badly?

Voting rights is a "democratic policy goal", not a right to be protected in the United States of America? Weird.

As far as I can tell, Biden's sending out tests and better masks, and doing everything he can to get people vaccinated, which will probably do the biggest good in coping with inflation.

I don’t see what’s surprising about inflation, anyway. The government sent out stimulus checks and generous unemployment benefits to many millions of people and the Fed financed it by buying up government bonds with new money. The recipients of the government new money proceeded to spend it, as intended. What critics of inflation are forgetting is the help to the Covid unemployed is what kept the economy out of recession and millions from starvation and eviction. That's success.

Biden as a New F.D.R.? Try L.B.J.
The president’s agenda — big progressive change — has placed Democratic priorities over the voters’ desire for practical help on the pandemic and inflation:

What terrible treatment of the people we rely on to help us when we're most in need.

The for-profit health system serves nobody except the people at the top who exploit workers and patients. It's long, long past time for universal healthcare for Americans and the removal of profiteers gaining from illness through that exploitation.

One can extrapolate this to many other areas, too, unfortunately - from supply chain problems and an unsurprising number of workers ready to walk away from jobs that offer no satisfaction, there's greed at the center. Many businesses are jacking up prices and cutting staff and hours simply because they think they can get away with it and still reaping record profits. The companies are the problem, not the workers, not inflation, not anything else.

Opinion |We Know the Real Cause of the Crisis in Our Hospitals. It’s Greed:

This is so simple. Get vaccinated and boostered and you’re well protected. Ignore science and put yourself and others at significant risk.

Covid-19 live updates: Unvaccinated seniors nearly 50 times more likely to be hospitalized than boosted peers:

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