Yes, you read that correctly. Not one Republican vote.

When all is said and done, this is a win for all Americans and desperately needed for the country. Republicans are going to face a lot of attack ads next year for opposing a bill that 62% of their own voters approved.

So thank you, Democrats and President Biden.

Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, including $1,400 stimulus checks, with no Republican support:

The GOP is a minority party in this country and no one knows that better than they do.

If not for the Electoral College, their Presidential candidates would never win the Presidency. If not for a Senate where states with far lower populations proportionally get 2 U.S. Senate seats, they would never hold a majority in the Senate. If not for partisan gerrymandering, they would never hold a majority in the House.

And GOP voter suppression laws are what tie this all together.

The argument that preserving the filibuster is necessary because it’s an important tool in our democracy falls apart when it’s clearer with every passing day that we won’t have a democracy without the Senate passing voting rights legislation.

Opinion | Republicans’ rhetoric on H.R. 1 is apocalyptic. Are they that afraid of democracy?
A bill to make voting easier should be obvious. To Republicans, it is not.

Every single Republican Senator voted against $1400 COVID relief checks.

Every single Republican Senator voted against economic help for their state's schools to safely re-open.

Every single Republican Senator voted against funding for nationwide vaccine acquisition and distribution.

For their own constituents.

Every single Democratic Senator voted in favor of the funding today and a year ago when a Republican president asked for it.

Democrats work on behalf of the American people. Republicans do not.

Vote Republicans out.

If the Republicans are just going to vote against anything that the Democrats propose, then no, Biden does not have to take Republican priorities into consideration. 

As the GQP like to say "elections have consequences." People are tired of zero progress and yes, transportation does relate to climate change.

The whole fucking Republican party can go fuck off.

Analysis | While the Senate reads the coronavirus relief bill, nearly 1,400 Americans may die from the virus:

Almost every day, I think to myself that there is nothing more that Republicans could do to make me despise them more than I already do. But every day, I am proven wrong.

The fact that all but one Republican voted against this bill (and the one who did says he did it accidentally) is just incomprehensible to me.

Less than 2 months into Biden's term and the Republicans are (again) talking about blocking everything despite the fact that large majorities support these initiatives. They do not deserve to be in office.

House passes expansive policing overhaul bill named in honor of George Floyd:

The right to vote is a fundamental requirement in a true democracy. This is an issue every American should be united on. 

Please start calling your Senators today. Tell them we must protect voting rights, address corruption, and reform campaign finance. These should be bipartisan priorities to make democracy work for all Americans regardless of their political affiliation. There's your script.

Call both Senators. 202-224-3121 or to contact them by local office numbers or email. Or use to iMessage or text them from your connected device.

📱 ☎️ 💻 :CTA:
House Democrats pass sweeping elections bill as GOP legislatures push to restrict voting:

There was no widespread election fraud. There never has been. The election was free and fair. Any lawsuits to the contrary were summarily thrown out of court over 60 times, even by Trump appointees.

The debate is between those who have the facts on their side and those who dwell in fantasyland.

We must pass a new Voting Rights Act and pass H.R.1/S.1. The only reason Republicans are against it is that they know fair elections will throw them out of power.

The voting wars come to Capitol Hill: Democrats eye national elections overhaul amid GOP crackdown-

From the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi, the same great minds that promised you cheap, dependable electricity and clean, potable water.

Don't elect Republicans. Don't let them get elected. And don't listen to them, either. They aren't known as "GOP, party of death", amongst other things, for nothing.

As Texas and Mississippi move to open ‘100%’ and lift mask mandates, health officials warn: ‘It’s still too early’-

We really are at the decision point. 

Are we going to be a democratic republic? Or are we going to be a failed dictatorship dominated by terrorists?

The new Republican establishment is working openly in favor of the second choice. So everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to be registered and to vote in every single election presented to them.

Learn the issues, get involved. Make sure you vote for local officials, county officials, state officials, and national officials. And fight every ordinance or piece of legislation that would inhibit voting. Overwhelm the Republican bigots with voices and votes.

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Sustain Arizona Voting Limits:

Hey, everybody!

There's a new account on that is going to hold and boost all of the calls to action we write to help save and expand our right to vote, current calls you can make to elected representatives to support important legislation, and petitions or places to comment you can use to be actively participating in government or supporting organizations that do work for for people.

That's civic engagement and it really counts! The account handle is @CallToAction and if you're ever in need of something to do to help, it will keep everything currently active there on one page and delete expired actions.

Give it a follow! :CTA:

Democrats should fight not be the only ones fighting voter suppression efforts. All Americans who care about democracy should fight them.

The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy.

Call your House Representative and tell them to support , the For the People Act. The voter suppression bills currently being considered in GA, AZ, and elsewhere are a harbinger of things to come if we don't pass federal voter protection and democracy-strengthening legislation.

Georgia House Passes Elections Bill That Would Limit Absentee And Early Voting:

The U.S. House has passed President Biden’s covid relief bill, the American Rescue Plan.

Now the Senate must do so. The bill has widespread majority support with Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters. (Politico/Morning Consult poll 2/24)

Call your 2 Senators today at 202-224-3121. Here's a script. You can also use to contact them by local office numbers or email. Or use to iMessage or text them from your connected device.

Please do this. This needs to pass and pass quickly. 📞📱 ☎️ 💻 :CTA:

Horrifying. And disgusting.

Remember, friends: We've overcome gerrymandering and voter suppression before. We can do it again. We must persist with legislation that is moral and ethical and then work like heck to help keep the majority and get out the vote in spite of them.

The real truth that the Republicans are determined to do anything to keep people from voting in this country should be the top story every day.

We must remain unified and motivated to stop Trumpism....and to whigify the GOP for doing this in the first place.

The fight continues unabated. We make them go away by BEATING THEM with our votes....over and over and over.

Trump just told us exactly what Republicans will do to retake power:

Trump incited an insurrection which imperiled the lives of elected officials, their staffs, and other people in the Capitol building, killing and injuring police officers and others.

Republican Senators and Representatives voted to reject the Electoral College votes giving Biden/Harris ticket their entirely legitimate win.

Republicans across the country and in Congress signed on to the Texas AG’s law suit against Georgia.

Republicans have now introduced over 200 bills restricting access to voting in ways that make it harder for Black people, college students, lower-income people, and anyone else that is likely to vote for Democrats to vote.

Republicans need to experience a scorched earth policy directed specifically at them.

There can be no bothsidesism, there can be no bipartisanship. The GQP has abandoned any claim to have a say in the future of the American people.

Rewriting January 6th: Republicans push false and misleading accounts of Capitol riot:

It's the lie that wouldn't die. Republicans know they can't win playing by the rules, so they make up new rules.

Nothing is off the table, even allowing state legislatures to replace election results they don't like. What is being done to voting rights in this country is an obscenity.

HR1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act need passed while we have the majority in the Senate, House, and White House and every one of us must get involved on the local level to protect the vote.

Republicans roll out “tidal wave of voter suppression” with 253 restrictive bills in 43 states-

Seriously, though.

If I were at a function for a political group of any kind and someone rolled in a giant gold statue of an ex-president and probable future candidate for the party, I'd be long gone.

It's funny to see Dana Bash try to imply to Senator Chris Coons on CNN this morning that the Covid relief bill that passed the house isn't bipartisan.

First, elected Republicans didn't act in a bipartisan way for the last 4 years at all. Second, the relief bill has wide support from Republican voters.

So the people and the bill are bipartisan, even if elected DC Republicans aren't and want their constituents to go without help.

White House pitches Biden's Covid bill as bipartisan — without GOP votes:

Fantastic news. Puts teeth into rejoining the Paris Agreement. Use of coal will die of its own unecomonic weght.

If we were to have the industry rather than society pay for the actual costs associated with the damage caused by fossil fuels, the whole enterprise would have ended in a heartbeat, decades ago. This is an excellent, and ridiculously overdue, first step.

Biden is hiking the cost of carbon. It will change how the U.S. tackles global warming:

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