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Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Ron DeSantis is going around Florida with gasoline.

DeSantis signs bill banning ‘vaccine
passports,’ order canceling local COVID rules:

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Republicans now whining about how things are going to get paid for (ignoring the fact that there is a real plan) were perfectly fine spending money on this complete waste of time.

Homeland Security to repair damage created by border wall | PBS NewsHour

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Since it is only GOP voters who doubt the integrity of the election, maybe it could be restored by the GOP outcome deniers announcing that they lied about voter fraud and the election being stolen. Nothing would restore confidence more than that.

Opinion | A Florida voter suppression bill reveals the truth about the GOP’s motives -

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Ya think? The Republicans are kidding themselves if they think their voting rules will only affect Democrats.

Think all those old white men in The Villages or "the base" in Miami will be willing to go the extra mile ... stand in line the extra hours just to vote? They vote by mail and have for a while.

And vote for a party that by the end of these next two years will have done nothing but act as obstructionists? 

You know President Biden's plans are working when Republicans are lying to their voters and are pointing out the good things, good things in the Bill they Voted Against. 

Florida Republicans rushed to curb mail voting after Trump’s attacks on the practice. Now some fear it could lower GOP turnout. -

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The claim that if wages go up, jobs go down isn’t a description of reality at all nor does it reflect legitimate economics. It is a scam, a con job, a threat—more precisely, it is an intimidation tactic masquerading as a legitimate economic theory.

Trickle-down isn't just bad economics, it is immoral and it is why we have crushing debt.

Given that EVERY Republican President in the last 100 years has presided over at least one recession and the last nine were all under them, why would anyone ever listen to a Republican about fiscal issues?

Opinion | Republicans have no standing to
give advice on tax policy:

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Meanwhile in Colorado. Senator Bennet is taking action, in this moment, to reduce child poverty.

“I believe we are on the cusp of an amazing moment in American history,” Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet told a group of mothers in early April, “when we can say that we improved the fortunes of millions and millions of children and their families, but also the country as a whole.

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Aaaah, the facts. Pesky things, the facts.

"In 2013, when the tax rose to the current 23.8 percent, from 15 percent, on Americans with the highest incomes, the S&P 500 climbed nearly 30 percent. It was the best year for stocks in the last two decades. And after the top rate rose to 28 percent, from 20 percent, at the end of 1986, the market continued to roar higher, by nearly 40 percent through most of 1987."

Why Biden’s Plan to Raise Taxes for Rich Investors Isn’t Hurting Stocks

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A general skeptical attitude is a good thing. Bipartisanship is great when it can work but at the moment, Republicans have shown that they don't want to work constructively. Get things done without them.

Biden is talking to Republicans, but for only so long;
The president and much of his team learned a lesson during the Obama years: They should not wait for Republicans to negotiate.

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I see this same thing in my own Florida community and plead with people to pay attention to the reality.

Republicans take advantage of us in the Hispanic community. It's voting against yourself.

We need deeper, better ground organization in our states.

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If President Biden and the Democrats are successful at passing legislation aimed to help the middle class instead of the oligarchs, the Republicans will be in the wilderness for generations to come. This is what Mitch and company are afraid of.

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@TonyStark It's a GOP con. If anyone comes to America to pursue economic success, the Republican party does everything it can to keep you from it. It cuts into their slice.

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It's no secret that the party of Trump is the party of white grievance. Dionne argues that the continued winning formula for Democrats despite the Electoral College disadvantage is to keep convincing a multiracial coalition of voters across all levels of education that economic concerns unite us. It's obvious to those of us who are lifelong Democratic voters that Democrats are the ones who solve problems by expanding healthcare access, providing food assistance in tough times, and subsidizing child care, but as many of us here knock on doors and make phone calls during election season, we know that there are others who need convincing.

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@TonyStark Imagine wanting people not to be homeless and hungry in an economy where there aren't enough jobs for everyone, like we've had for the past year in a worldwide contraction (dare we call it a depression?) due to a pandemic.

Democrats are compassionate people who don't think children should go hungry if their parents can't work. Who don't think disabled people should starve. Who want everyone to have health care.

None of that equals thinking there's no value in work. Democrats also want people to have a living wage and want fairer wages between people at the top and bottom of the economy. CEOs making millions sitting on their butts in cushy offices aren't more deserving of food and health care than home health aides making $7.25 per hour.

I'm not 100% sure where to go with people who think their religious beliefs belong in politics. But part of this, at least, comes from the relentless onslaught of deceitful Republican messaging.

A quote: "But I definitely think Democrats are pushing free everything, giving the message that there’s no value in your hard work, and that’s not something I can believe in.”

It's the opposite. Democrats want a liveable working wage. Democrats want you to be able to unionize. Democrats want to make it possible to achieve a better standard of living for individuals, families, and future generations.

And it's not free. Fair taxes and a robust common good are working just fine in the market economies of Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

What Republicans have created in the US is forced upward redistribution via suppressed worker wages and endless tax discounts for the gilded class. Democrats value working people. Republicans do not.

President Biden and EPA Administrator Michael Regan are serious about addressing climate change in a smart, effective manner.

There are actually a bunch of HFC alternatives in the market. A couple of choices are hydrofluoroolefins (HFO, a synthetic alternative to HFC) and hydrocarbons. Most car air conditioners, for example, are now HFO and most new mini-fridges use hydrocarbons. HFOs are categorized as having zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential.

American refrigerant manufacturers are also quite well-poised to take advantage of the transition and new non-HFC systems and appliances are hitting the market every day. It will only help American manufacturers be more competitive while also being more environmentally responsible.

Biden administration to propose first rule requiring cut in climate pollutants:

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@TonyStark This goes for medical care, too. Other nations do a better job than we do and aren't living under the scary conditions Republicans swore they would be. Making healthcare a privilege has severely damaged average Americans. Good medical care for everyone will only bring us all forward.

Democrats are focusing on improving the lives of ordinary Americans. Republicans are focused on storming the US Capitol, overthrowing the government, dividing America, and changing election laws in an effort to keep power with their shrinking minority.

For anyone saying Biden’s plans will hurt the middle class, the last 40 years quickly prove you wrong. Wealth/income inequality and declining union membership soared as a result of Reaganism/trickle-down economics, almost wiping the middle class out. Investing in the middle class is way forward. Investing pays off.

The Biden administration can cover this with higher taxes on wealthy corporations and those making over $400,000. The majority of those groups pay a lower marginal tax rate right now than the middle class the administration seeks to help.

It's not redistribution. It's righting a wrong that's allowed a few to take advantage of many.

Biden’s Proposals Aim to Give Sturdier Support to the Middle Class:

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13 years ago today, my favorite MCU movie came out. Kind of a documentary.

Seems not so long ago!

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@MariaHill @SteveRogers @TonyStark
Truth! I'd toss &turn all night then roll over to see that blinking light at 3am almost like clockwork.
So nice to be able to sleep through the night again!

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