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Extreme flooding to increase as temperatures rise.

A study finds. Climate change will exacerbate extreme flood events but may decrease the number of moderate floods.

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Good morning, .

Let’s make it a HUGE win for Gov. Newsom and California Dems. I want the GQP to be embarrassed for even attempting to recall him and wasting so much time and money.

Please take time to vote if you haven't. You can vote today in one of several ways and even register and vote today if you need to.

There is too much at stake - rights for women, minorities, LGBTQIA people, not to mention reasonable COVID procedures for the state and the state budget. I've worked some phone banks. Nobody I've talked to wanted Larry Elder anywhere near the governor's office. Some just didn't realize how important their vote was or that they still had to vote no if they were against the recall. Spread the word.

Voting starts at 7:00 A.M. and ends at 8:00 P.M. Be sure to :vote:

Polling places/ballot drop off boxes and instructions here:

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Report: Climate change could see 200 million move by 2050

Climate change could push more than 200 million people to leave their homes in the next three decades and create migration hot spots unless urgent action is taken to reduce global emissions and bridge the development gap, a World Bank report has found.

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Watched news for 2 mins while bolting down lunch before going back to computer to troubleshoot stuff other people ignored all summer that's now urgent because students are back.
Not sure if blood pressure up because of work or from hearing Tory minister claim that sending police into the English Channel on jet-skis to intimidate, turn round & potentially sink boats wasn't in breach of refugee convention, international maritime law, or UK laws.
Obviously basic human decency wasn't considered.

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Tuesday, September 14

Busy week! We've talked a lot about#CaliforniaRecallElection but also...
has a for State House District 37.

Boston has a municipal primary.

Both Cleveland and Toledo are looking at municipal primaries as well.

Finally, a General Election in for State House Rep in District 29.

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@ClintBarton 🎶Oh the weather outside is frightful but, the flying arrows delightful!🎶

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Finally ... New Hawkeye trailer on Disney+!!

Streaming November 24th ...

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This man was vaccinated, didn't have COVID, yet died because of COVID nevertheless.😞​

There are two great dangers to the integrity of the Supreme Court.

The first is justices who would put their religious biases before the laws of the country and the long-standing precedents of the Court. The second is having justices who would lie in order to be appointed to the Court. Both dangers have now appeared.

And by refusing to hold hearings for Merrick Garland, Mitch McConnell turned the Supreme Court into a corrupt tool of minority rule. Democracy will suffer the consequences for generations. If the justices he passed through weren't partisan hacks, he wouldn't have bothered to approve them.

Opinion | Don’t let Amy Coney Barrett fool you: Everything the court does is political:

Republican policies at work.

Hey, people - vaccine lines are shorter, cheaper, and much more effective for covid.

Because vaccines are purely a personal decision that doesn’t have any effect on anyone else. Right? Right?

Family says Alabama man was turned away from 43 packed ICUs before dying-

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lets name the fence something like "january 6th republican insurrection memorial fence" or something so everyone knows exactly what the fuck it is

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@TonyStark A real boatload of disinfo.

I declare Sgt. Cat demoted.

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Oh no, so basically not that high in a historical context?

I think they can handle it.

It's fascinating that I don't remember any decrease on the cost of goods when TFG lowered this rate from 35% to 21%, so anyone who says this will raise consumer prices needs to find a different excuse for not supporting corporations paying taxes.

House Democrats eye 26.5 percent corporate tax rate:

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I've lived in several east coast states that elect all white men to top offices and have had years of all-male and/or all-white Congressional delegations (that's multiple states; there's a lot of shared blame). I'm thrilled to see changes like this in top races.

I miss Barbara Mikulski in the Senate and wish we had diverse candidates running for governor of Maryland, but I'm happy to see change in any state. None of us remembers any mayor of Boston (before current Acting Mayor Kim Janey, serving since Marty Walsh became Biden's Secretary of Labor) who wasn't a white man because there hasn't been one. But the next one will be a Black or Asian woman. The next lieutenant governor of Virginia will be Democrat Hala Ayala, a multiracial woman, or Republican Winsome Sears, a Black immigrant woman. (But please turn out for Ayala, Virginia!) Elected officials do not yet represent the demographics of the country, but it's getting closer.

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@JerseySlide I'm sure the people of Montclair and Royal Oak will figure out something else to do that's both fun and not a superspreader event.

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The way to handle this best is to do exactly this and expand access through an act of Congress. SCOTUS struck the previous extension down and we need to make it much easier for people who need this assistance to get it.

Cori Bush introduces legislation aimed at expanding access to emergency rental assistance funds:

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