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Republicans have already made their stance on this known. They are against this, too. We all know what to do.

Most Americans support free, widely available birth control if abortion is banned:

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@Nebula Making insurance plans cover it a few years ago was great. Democrats want people to be healthy and to be able to choose the size and timing of their families.

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@batbird We need every Democratic state to provide these protections. Connecticut, California, Maryland, and New Jersey have either enacted or are in the process of passing new protections. I'm glad to hear about Washington too.

Many states have gubernatorial races this year. If the state has a Republican state house, it may be too gerrymandered to turn it Democratic (but try! ) this time, but electing a Democratic governor will keep new restrictions from passing as long as it's not a Republican supermajority. And if it is a Republican supermajority, please flip a few seats to Democrats.

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Make Manchin Irrelevant Again is a pretty good acronym. MMIA. Hold the M a little longer than usual. MSIA doesn't make a very good one, but she at least she'll vote with Democrats on reproductive rights. Also, she's not the only Democrat who can win in Arizona and her own constituents could make her irrelevant in the 2024 primary. Mark Kelly is evidence that the state will elect a Democrat who votes with the party mainstream, and I hope Arizonans will elect Katie Hobbs to be their next governor come November.

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I know you know this, @QueenRamonda. I'm reminding anyone who doesn't.

What we can do if we hold all of our Democratic seats plus pick up 1-2 more (Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina have open seats or vulnerable Republicans) is either eliminate the undemocratic filibuster or carve out exceptions. If Manchin (and possibly Sinema) are going to continue to obstruct, with a 52-48 majority, we can still afford to lose two Democrats who would vote against us. It's losing three we can't do.

Republicans had a 52-48 advantage one of the times when they tried to repeal the ACA. Collins and Murkowski didn't vote for repeal, not that big of a surprise as they are the most likely to vote with Democrats (and Mitt "darn you Trump!" Romney wasn't yet a senator). That was John McCain's dramatic thumbs-down and Republicans lost the vote 47-53. So we need one or two more seats!

I'd love to see Johnson and Rubio retired, as well as PA and NC pick up the open seats.

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His vote didn't matter. Democrats needed ten GOPers. There wasn't one. There's a good chance he'd support simply codifying Roe alone. If we can get a few more Dem seats in November, there's a slim, slim chance. I do mean slim. We all need to choose wisely.


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I don't expect it, but if DeSantis gets worse, you may have people coming out to vote against Republicans. Florida is not really a red state. Just four years ago, DeSantis and Rick Scott won by very slim margins. Republicans there are just very loud, and they have a lot more seats in the House and the state legislature because they have been able to gerrymander. In a statewide election, Florida could elect Democrats.

Rubio now has the incumbency advantage, but here's Florida's last election for its other Senate seat. Val Demings is not an unknown either. She's a House member who was an impeachment manager.

That doesn't mean I'm confident, just that Florida is a lot purpler than it looks based on who is currently in office.

TFG won Florida by four points, but I read an article about why he was uniquely positioned to win the state as opposed to the average Republican. I am not a Floridian or an expert on the state though.

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My mom says that too!
She, my sister& I were out to brunch& were discussing everything. How women here in NY are 'safe' (at least until McConnel tries to pass a nationwide ban) How this will have a domino effect on not just the rights of women, but of all. She commented about not wanting to go back to being a second-class citizen. She recalled how until just a year before I was born, women were still not allowed to even own credit cards without a husband or father's permission. I've lived my whole life with Roe v Wade being considered the law of the land. We can't let them turn back the clock. (I also think I've convinced Sis to join !)

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@TonyStark Someone needs to tell at least five, perhaps six, justices that the closest thing to consensus that this country has is that people's bodies belong to them, not the state.

As for the rest of the Republicans? Everyone (consensus) says we need to protect Medicare, so stop trying to mess with it. I know we don't have everyone on board with expanding it to the whole country, but making people not have to worry about their health care would be compassionate, if that's where you want to go. And once we had it, there sure would be consensus about keeping it.

A majority of justices are forcing upon the country a minority belief, and those justices were put there by presidents and senators who represent a minority of the population.

It takes a lot of gall for Republicans to try to blame the current state of U.S. politics on Roe and to pretend that returning the issue to the states means returning it to the democratic process. The perilous state of U.S. democracy is a function of decades of institutional decay and social polarization that is fueled above all by the anti-statism and relentless profit-seeking on the American right. To blame it on women seeking to exercise reproductive autonomy is a spectacular piece of intellectual gymnastics, hypocritical, self-serving, cynical, and offensive.

There's nothing compassionate or consensus-building about any of that.

Opinion | Republicans as ‘compassionate consensus builders’? Really?-

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The implications of the leaked Alito draft get more frightening the more they are analyzed.

Courts will not simply turn abortion decisions over to the states. With every new state law passed, there will be a new battle. What will happen in your state? If you live in California or Connecticut, you may be able to go on with your reproductive life as you like (that is, if Republicans don't manage to pass a federal law outlawing abortion or contraception). But if you live in Louisiana, will an IUD be considered a murder weapon? It prevents a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine lining, and Louisiana is debating defining a fertilized egg as a person. (Is an egg you buy at the store with a spot of blood in it a chicken?)

Sen. Joni Ernst wants to introduce a nationwide abortion ban after six weeks (that's four weeks after you miss your period) and Mitch McConnell would be happy to entertain that.

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@TonyStark Senator Collins will next be supporting a Federal ban on colored chalk products. Taken on the public sidewalk outside her Bangor home before the WHPA vote. Typical Mainers, the writers said “please.”

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@TonyStark @Judybeesteeler

It's hard to blame Biden when his spending bills are enacted over time:
"The ARP wasn't signed until March 2021, and much of its spending occurred over several months. Likewise, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act—another commonly cited source of inflationary pressure—didn't pass until last November, and its spending won't peak until 2026. Plus, a study by the Chicago Federal Reserve found that the ARP alone can only partly explain recent inflation."

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@TonyStark Rep. Katie Porter was on MSNBC last night talking about a survey done of Americans about causes of inflation. People for the most part understood that it was supply chain, though too many still blamed the Biden administration and not enough blamed Putin's war of choice. Porter also pointed out that the survey didn't even ask about price gouging which is a real problem.

This is clearly marked "satire" which I always have to point out because someone or other won't read it.

Marc Theissen in the Washington Post has a ridiculous take on this issue, which I won't bother to link here. Needless to say, he finds protests an incredible grievance when anyone but January 6th insurrectionists are involved.

It's fascinating that a group that has spent the last 50 years turning Planned Parenthood clinics into war zones, literally bombing some, screaming and harassing patients (some who were just there for regular checkups), shooting doctors (what says pro-life any better), are now so outraged and upset that a few peaceful candlight vigils are being held outside the homes of members of the Star Chamber.

Do they even recognize the irony?

Just kidding. Of course they don't.

Like all good right-wingers, they are always the perpetually aggrieved ones.

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It is so sad how even people that are not caucusing with the 'America First' party still just focus only on USA.

Putin's 'sudden' assault on our globe's energy and food system of international trade may result in millions of deaths as hunger and unrest may not be avoidable at this point, I fear. These fragile supply chains cannot be repaired overnight and crops of course take time to grow.

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Little secret about Mastodon: the third party unofficial apps are really good! :blobhappy:

Because they've been around a lot longer, the third party apps have more features than the official apps.

You can see links to the third party apps listed underneath the official app links on the Mastodon website, just scroll down the page a bit:

Also, most of the unofficial apps (such as Metatext, Fedilab and Tusky) are open source so outsiders can see exactly what they do and how they work. This makes them just as safe to use as the official apps.

If you haven't tried the third party apps yet, it's well worth giving them a go.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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Robinson Meyer reports some good information on the climate crisis sometimes, but I just don't understand how anyone that actually wants #ClimateAction thinks that blaming Democrats for climate inaction in USA in 2022 is a good idea if you actually want to get the U.S. to finally take climate action.

All that does is make people think that it doesn't matter which party they vote for or as is far too common in USA to not bother voting at all.

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