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Who among us has not gone to the bank and, seeing a negative balance, told the teller "I just need you to find me $11,780 dollars." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

'I need 11,000 votes, give me a break': Raffensperger details Trump's election demands-

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@TonyStark Thanks for the #love to Us M8. Deep Gratitude for your kindness Always. Hope you and your crew are enjoying the music.


“It’s direct, indisputable, empirical evidence that this kind of common claim that ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with the gun’ is wrong."

In short, Ted Cruz and anyone else who makes this claim is wrong or lying.

Who Stops a ‘Bad Guy With a Gun’?-

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Hey, fake electors…

Might be time to volunteer and testify. Now. Beat the rush, these deals won’t last.

DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe-

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Republicans want to discriminate against LGBTQ kids so bad that they'll starve all kids to do it.

GOP senator considering blocking school meal funding deal over transgender policy fight -

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@tychosoft @TonyStark Tony, I guess I can't fathom the cruelty.

I see fear when I see gated communities and members only golf and timeshare resorts.

I see fear when congressional delegates refuse to attend public forums or answer questions from the press.

I know there's cruelty. I grew up in the deep south where a man of color, no matter his age was called 'boy'. But I saw fear then too.

Fear brings out the bully in people and I while I know there is fear, I don't really understand it.

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@JohnJClimateMarcher @TonyStark And yet Democrats and people whose political views go more left are "NPCs".

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@TonyStark @SteveRogers Here's something that would probably be more functional for him. The screen doesn't even turn off!

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This is Republicans right now.
Reporter asks about Trump's crimes:
R- "Inflation! Gas prices!"
Asks about gun legislation:
R- "Thoughts and prayers! Inflation! Um, gas prices!"
Asks about a women's right to her body:
R- "Brrrumph, inflation! Gas Prices!"
Climate change, civil rights, corporate greed, etc.
R- "Harumph! Gas prices! Inflation!"
Then they check their phone to see if they got it right.


Just robots repeating the same lines, all of them, over and over again.

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I agree, Tony. "It's the first such safety bill in 30+ years. It makes valuable progress, although imperfect, and it opens the gates for more."

I just wish legislation included a ban on assault rifles and included universal background checks ...

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This is a good start. Small steps will still get us to our destination as long as we keep moving forward. I look forward to the day we have gun safety laws as strong as places like Britain & Australia. Every bit saves lives.

States that closed the dating relationship loophole have seen a 15% decrease in intimate partner gun deaths, which account for 1 in 5 homicides. That's a lot of kids that won't have a parent murdered and people who won't lose a friend or loved one. So this is an important bill just on that one note.

It's the first such safety bill in 30+ years. It makes valuable progress, although imperfect, and it opens the gates for more.

Elect a bigger majority of Democrats in November, and we get more.

Senators reach final bipartisan agreement on a gun safety bill-

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@TonyStark @SteveRogers
To be fair, Ron thought the voices in his head were coming from the phone.

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And, loudly.
And, clearly.
And, even foolishly, if need be!

Just like they've done for years (i.e. the guns-have-rights goons and anti-abortion activists). They showed up.

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I'm including this (and more!) in my weekly admonitions to:
The Department of Justice

It must stop!
Should have been stopped years ago right up to yesterday.
Today would be helpful.

Do we dare hope that by next week some justice will prevail?

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We could finally manage real crises, move humanity forward, instead of preventing a new Stone Age. (Probably Stone Age people were more socially progressive than religious fanatics of today).


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