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@YinzPittsburghers I hope they're using local funds because that's not why I give 3.4% of my income to the state.

Butler Area ranked 536 of 676 ranked high schools in PA on graduation rate (718 total) in 2021.

Spend on schools, not recounting the vote.

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Mehmet Oz, who owns NINE houses, really lives in Jersey, and can't even spell the town in PA where he supposedly lives (it's HUNTINGDON not Huntington) calls Fetterman a “pretend populist.” Hahaha Oz has no right to call anyone a pretend anything.

Fetterman comes from a family started out working class and became wealthier during his lifetime. His father was able to support him while he did volunteer work. He never lied about his background or source of income. He did have a high-paying insurance job but left it to work for AmeriCorps. Fetterman’s family paid to start his non-profit that helps people in Braddock, the city where he was mayor.

Oz and Republicans don’t help anyone.

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Wasting taxpayer money should be on the GOP party platform at this point.

“We don’t have anything we’re specifically searching for” - ok, Jan.

Trump lost. Counting it more times isn't going to change it.

Butler County is reviewing its 2020 election mail ballots. The Pa. Department of State calls it a ‘waste of time.’ |

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People want to control their own bodies and their own lives. It's ironic that now it's Democrats who are talking about freedoms when that has been the right wing mantra, but it has been Republicans who have wanted to control people all along. They have just been unmasked.

Losing Roe is not something any of us wanted. It is costing lives. It is causing pain. We didn't want any of the girls, women, or any one else who has an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy to suffer so that we can get better laws for the rest of us.

So that the suffering ends as quickly as possible and everyone can control our futures, people will vote for Democrats this fall. Abortion may be the issue on the forefront, but Republicans decided to give themselves a second shot in the foot by hurting veterans.

Americans tend to have short political memories, but not this time and not six months short.

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@TonyStark Masters thinks the US government should adopt bitcoin, which, here's a shocker, he invested in.

I'm sure Arizonans want a grifter who isn't that into democracy. /s

They seem to be pretty happy with Sen. Kelly.

In this chilling picture, the most bizarre thing is how Thiel, Masters, etc., seem completely unaware of the world’s long history of real murderous dictatorships.

While the rest of us contemplate a long list of actual would-be-saviors-turned-tyrants, right-wingers imagine some sort of mythological king who will suspend democracy just the right amount that suits them. No more, no less. It doesn't work that way.

A venture capitalist for U.S. Senate? What could possibly go wrong?

No matter how much the GOP tries to push the idea, government is not a for-profit game. It is about making a livable, workable society for everyone. Nothing in Blake Masters’ background makes him even remotely qualified to be a U.S. Senator. Betting that Arizona will use reason in November and re-elect Mark Kelly.

Blake Masters’s Arizona Win Gets Thiel Another Senate Candidate-

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@TonyStark It's like someone looked at the list of 27 primary candidates and thought doing it again sounded fun.

AOC will turn 35 in October 2024. Calm down, people. Michelle Obama does not want to be president and I sincerely doubt that Rachel Maddow does.

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We've talked recently about people getting emails from Democrats. I appreciate the ones reminding us to vote, asking us to make calls, or canvass. I don't mind the fundraising emails. I give what I can, when I can and hope others are doing the same.

What's not necessary is this survey from democrats dot com that I got today. We have an important midterm election in 97 days. It's not time to think about 2024. No matter what state you live in, we need to focus on electing every Democrat we can to the Senate this year. If you can get to PA, WI, NC, GA, AZ, or OH to knock on doors, please do. If not, please call.

PA's gubernatorial race could decide whether we can, as Franklin said more than two centuries ago, keep our republic. MI and WI also have important gubernatorial races. You may have state house seats to flip where you live.

What's not needed is a survey asking if we want Biden, AOC, Ro Khanna, Michelle Obama, or Rachel Maddow to be president in January 2025.

This case got assigned to B. Lynn Winmill, a former Chief Judge (now a Senior Judge) and a Clinton appointee. He's one of the best district court judges in the West and the best in Idaho.

He has never been afraid to issue injunctions against governmental actions (often involving environmental law.) The federal government has a great chance of winning this case and keeping the momentum on reproductive rights going.

Mitch McConnell may have stacked SCOTUS with theocrats but there are ways to strategically get at their attacks on privacy. This is one.

Why the DOJ’s new lawsuit against Idaho could reshape the abortion fight-

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If you dial 1-877-SHE-HULK you get a recording of Jen Walters and a co-worker trying to set the e-mail greeting of the Superhero Defense Dept at her law firm.

I love when Marvel does these little easter eggs.

"Protecting the rights of Superheroes, so they can protect everyone else."

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@YinzPittsburghers I don't like Cracker Barrel, so I don't eat there. This is a really easy concept, though if you do want to avoid Cracker Barrel, plan ahead carefully as far as which exit you choose for an overnight stay if you are traveling the federal highway system in certain parts of the country. (My dislike of Cracker Barrel has nothing to do with Impossible products.)

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These ultra conservatives are so hyper-sensitive.

It must be so awful to have something on the menu that other people enjoy but you don’t like.

I never drink pop, but somehow I’ve been able to get over it that it’s on the menu, and worse, that people seated nearby are enjoying those beverages.

I also don’t like shrimp. So you know what? I don’t order shrimp.

Cracker Barrel adds Impossible sausage to menu, causes online stir -

What's frustrating is that when you leave parties out of it, Dems major policy goals poll very well.

Gun control, taxes, climate change, abortion, LGBTQ rights, etc.

However at the polls the results don't match the support for their policies. We need to change that, and that's definitely an understatement.

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By far the most appalling part of this is that all these people knew that Trump had lost and took steps to move forward with the scheme in spite of it. Even worse they are still amplifying these proven lies in order to satisfy the members of Trump’s cult.

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MI-3 is not likely to flip to Democrats, so having Peter Meijer, who did not think the election was stolen in the seat is better than the reactionary who will replace him.

But that's not the most interesting part of this profile of Meijer, who lost his primary last night.

At the end, the writer describes how, late on January 6th, Meijer was talking to a shaken colleague in the Capitol. The unnamed Republican knew Biden's election was legitimate, but voted not to certify it because he was afraid of the insurrectionists.

The Republican Party is full of cowards who should never be allowed to be in charge of anything. They are doing their best to chase out the ten people unafraid of TFG, and keeping around people who would rather live under mob rule than do what's right.

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@TonyStark I suggest that the voters of Wisconsin eliminate Johnson's budget by voting for Mandela Barnes this November.

Raising taxes on working people while cutting the benefits they’ve been paying into for years. That’s the GOP. Has been for a long time.

Wisconsin can discontinue its option with Ron Johnson this fall. He may need Social Security.

Sen. Johnson suggests ending Medicare, Social Security as mandatory spending programs-

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@MJ @TonyStark
Ah, the roar of a sea of angry voters. May that sound only grow louder in the ears of Republicans come November. 🌊

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Well, well, well... the anti-choice zealots got smacked down big-time Kansas. In a record turnout for a primary election, no less.

Hear that, you smug, misogynist Republicans??

That's the sound of the earth moving right under your feet.

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